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Carlton leadership factory

The AFLW captains and leadership groups have been announced.

We have continued with co-captains - Katie Loynes and Kerryn Harrington.
We have 3 more in our leadership group with Al Downie, Nic Stevens and Darcy Vescio.

But it seems our (former) AFLW girls are in demand.

* Former carlton captain Bri Davey has been named as joint captain with CSC's own Steph Chiocci over at Collingwood
* And St. Kilda have gone for 4-captains. 2 of which are former Carlton players continuing on from captaincy duties last year - Rhi Watt and Kate Shierlaw. Also ex-blue Tilly Lucas Rodd is also apart of the leadership at the saints meaning 2 of 4 captain, and 3 of 6 leaders are ex-navy blues.
* Over at Richmond, yet another ex-blue, Sarah Hosking, has been named vice captain behind Katie Brennan.
* Geelong also have plenty of Carlton influence. New vice captain, Jordan Ivey, wore navy blue on 2 occasions previously. Maddy Keryk also joining the leadership group at the cats after a couple years at Carlton.
* Down at Melbourne Maddy Gay joins the leadership group after a successful carlton career.

Captains - Bri Davey*, Rhi Watt*, Kate Shierlaw*
Vice Captains - Sarah Hosking, Jordan Ivey
Leadership group - Tilly Lucas-Rodd, Maddy Keryk, Maddy Gay

* Sharing captaincy

There are more ex-carlton players in leadership group than current carlton players in our leadership group!

Credit goes to the club who has fully embraced the AFLW and has worked towards building a great side, with great coaches and a great culture.

Most of the players mentioned above (besides Hosking and Davey) were deemed not good enough to be on our list, yet are good enough to be in other clubs leadership groups! Thats a big tick of approval for what we are doing.


Re: Carlton leadership factory

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That is an impressive list!

It suggests that our recruiters have looked well beyond pure football ability in their drafting and trading.  It also suggests that leadership development is a priority too.

Of course, we can’t retain everyone we sign and, for more than a few players, moving to another club will give them greater playing and/or leadership opportunities.  That also means that we have good currency for trading in players.

All in all, excellent list management  :)
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