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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Kick it too.......who? Our Inside 50 top targets.

“  49   -   43   -  73  - Targets leading to shots on goal (%)”

Is this the % of times these 3 are the target and we get a shot on goal as a result ?
If so, I’d read that as no one crumbing Charlie and H ‘cause they don’t drop many but they are roving to TDK because he seems to spill most of his chances ?
Notice Board (Visitors Enter Here) / Re: CSC Facebook Page
If those who use Facebook were to “like” the site it would help it to increase its “street appeal” and  reach and that may bring some more posters here.
There is some discussion there but mainly links to pre and postgame threads. 

Also as Lods has noted, should there be issues with this place it is somewhere we can make announcements.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)
omg in the context of an election what difference does this make?

Do you think im saying pull out or put in?

Do you think this factor should be a reason to vote one way or the other?

I dont.  I think the USA should mind its own business and I think most people on this forum see Biden vs Trump and have extrapolated some Byzantine complex scenario where one or the other changes the fortune of that nation (which it doesnt).  No matter how much aid Ukraine gets today Russia will invade it again at any time.

Sorry, I see democratic, non territorial expansionist nations as having major concerns with out friend Mr Putin and expect them to put their shoulder to the grindstone to help defend nations such as Ukraine from neighborhood bullies.
You claim to be a student of history but seem to think Putin will stop at Ukraine ? Let’s not forget Crimea, but where will he next turn his sights ?
The only way to stop your friend Mr Putin is a sword at his throat, nothing less.
History is your friend.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)
And to expand on myself “Hi, I’m a bully and I want what you have”
“Tomorrow I think I’ll have what someone else has”

I’m no particular fan of America but they usually try to give the country back to its people… *actual results may vary…
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)
So we don't get confused about why I'm saying this, Trump was the first person to recognise Jerusalem as belonging to Israel.  Look how THAT turned out.

Stopping Russia in Ukraine today is not the same thing and it is no reason to sway the election.

This isn't about Ukraine it's about Russia.

And allowing Russia to “win” in Ukraine, how does that advance world peace ?
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)
I didn't see anyone getting too worked up about the USA marching into Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein.

Those are the "good guys" invading.  In war there are no good guys. Only victims.

There's the good old brand of freedom being dished out by the USA that no one cares about.  Until they do.  Ukraine or Russia makes no difference.   There is no what next. There is no slippery slope.  All there is is the next war for the next Territory or resource which will continue for eternity whilst people walk the earth.

Ukraine should have minimal impact by regime change in the states and has nothing to do with the price of fish because that war or proxy war lives and dies by NATO.  The end.

They said “let him have Poland, it will make him happy and bring peace to us all” (as long as you’re not Polish…)
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 10 2024 Post Game Prognostications Carlton vs Sydney
Actually I think the club needs to make an official statement the performance was unacceptable and a review is now enacted before things get worse. I have lost all faith in the Austins, Russells and CFC coaches of this world unless pragmatic changes are enacted.. unfortunately, the pragmatic changes are game plan changing to this broken system. Lets see what happens against the lesser teamn because we have failed miserably against the contenders and no way do we deserve a flag or should be in the window for it as too many accept mediocrity.