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Not sure Amélie Mauresmo has added much to Murrays game....from memory she wasnt a great server and her forehand leaked errors.
Think I read somewhere that Murrays second serves had less k's on them than Serena's second serves.....reckon Murray needs a new coach..

She is his primary "strength and conditioning coach". This is why his previous coach moved over to the Berdych camp. His previous coach was all about tennis tactics and game plan. Mauresmo is all about strength and power on the court in long rally's. This is why he has powered past so many players in the last couple of years. Once he returns the ball off a serve, he is every chance of winning a point. However strength doesn't always beat cunning, or bringing out a weakness in an opponent. Look at how much stronger he looks physically in the last 2 years. He has the size needed to be the best. He has the strength to be the best. His head is his weakness and he is his worst enemy. His opponents don't beat him so much in match winning shots. He has so many unforced errors at the wrong moment of a game, that he looses his matches. Don't bother bringing up the stats, as I will look like an idiot. Watch when he screws up an easy shot and you will just think, "WHY".

Clone his strength, power and ability at his best, with Djokovic and his composure and thinking game, along with mind games, and you have a world beater that can't be defeated.
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