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NBL Finals

Probably not a lot of interest in basketball on this forum but I'm a keen fan of the sport and this NBL season has been special with a start up team from Tassie making the Grand final series.
The Jackjumpers are a team of odds and ends with a couple of no name imports that have defied logic by first making finals and then defeating Melbourne United the previous championship winning team who are star studded and who had a serious size advantage. Coached by an ex NBA vet named Scott Roth they played a high pressure, take no prisoners brand that was relentless in defense, manning up and reduced the highly talented Melbourne team to their level and won their way through to the GF. It was a coaching masterclass in getting the best out of your team with every player given free reign to play their own game within the team plan.
My point being that those same principles can be taken across to the AFL and there is no reason why we can't make the GF this year if we can apply sustained pressure and the coaching staff can instill that winning belief in every player.
The JJs began badly as well and were 2 wins from 6 games from memory so they
did it the hard way..