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Re: Fifth Ashes Test - The Clean Sweeper ??

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Watson is about 8th in line when it comes to number 3 or 4 in this country.

Simply should not be in the Test team.

Like to see you find them. If he's 8th then why isn't our batting alot stronger. 68, 176, 51, 103, 83no and 43 in 6 of his last 7 Tests. Led the runscorers in England. Must have some pretty fair no.3's waiting in the wings if he's 8th in line. Especially one's that can bowl as well. While he's certainly no Boon or Ponting and a quite unreliable but to say he should  be out of the side right is is ridiculous as he is scoring runs. There just isn't the bats around at the moment. Would be better if he took control of number 6.


Re: Fifth Ashes Test - The Clean Sweeper ??

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It's official, 5-0 series win to the Aussies.

Ben Stokes cannot beat 11 players on his own, the Poms need to go and find ten new guys who have some backbone plus genuinely want to play for their country.

Why did they drop Joe Root ?? He's got a solid technique and stands up under pressure, never seems to get flustered at all regardless of the situation.

Stokes & Root, there's two players they can start rebuilding with !!

I pretty sure that the pommy players where instructed to start scoring more quickly rather than occupy the crease. Root didn't do that and got the axe. Fair enough as well.

Plus he's another serial bullcrap artist. Never thinks he's out, always shaking his head when he's told to go. screw him.
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