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Robert Heatley Stand / AFL Rd 0R 2024 Pre Game Prognostications Brisbane v Carlton
Last post by Gointocarlton -
Lets get things started shall we.
A few questions to ask:
1.. Will Walshy get up?
2. Will Motlop miss?
3. Do Williams and Kennedy come in?
4. Do we play TDK and Pitto or TDK and H?
5. Does/Can Marchy come in or is he hurt also?

A lacklustre performance tonight to say the least, but I'm reliably told its a praccy match and so just ignore it.

From what I saw of Young tonight, Durdin plays if he is fit.
Despite H hurting my eyes in the ruck, Pitto made him look like Big Nic.
I think Williams and Kennedy need to come in for sure.

Cant see us beating the Lions up there, but Ill wipe tonight from my memory and say you never know.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: 2024 Practice Match Carlton vs Melbourne
Last post by Lods -
I thought De Koning did OK.
The new rule is going to suit Gawn down to the ground and he'll be a real force
Tom got the ball a couple of times where things he tried didn't quite come off but he battled really well. He was getting hands to the ball.

I think what we look for in these practice games is who is doing something a bit different.
Have they added another string to their bow.
I can see some improvement in Tom...(Gawn rates him too).

Against that we look for areas where a player hasn't picked up.
Harry's kicking is the easy target, but gee he's been good in general play, and has shown he can do a bit of relief rucking.

Thing that concerns me just a little is I don't see too many others who look a lot different to their 2023 form

...but now for the real stuff.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: 2024 Practice Match Carlton vs Melbourne
Last post by pinot -
Gawn v Carlton

Boyd, Cunningham, Cincotta, Young, Pittonet, Fantasia

Look like they are deadwood to me unfortunately.

Happy to give them a full season but on that game they were woeful. Can cut Fantasia some slack but not the rest.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: 2024 Practice Match Carlton vs Melbourne
Last post by kruddler -
Good debate about our ruck setup bei g had by commentators. Identifying that an average ruck is very much overrated.

Question remains what does our coaching staff value.

Tdk is the constant tease. Looks good grabbing it out of the ruck but stuffs the kick and creates a shot on goal. But if he can get it done....??

Pittonet is your meat and potatoes guy who grinds all game and adds more ruck craft and our mids benefit from that. But does he do enough around the ground??

Harry is an adequate 2nd ruck and means we 100% shouldn't play 2 others. So who do we choose?

Like last year, I suspect tdk will be first choice.
Hopefully unlike.last year he takes the next step and keeps it.....but he needs to improve his ruck craft and minimise opposition rucks influence.....clearly gawn is a bridge too far but we can't hold that against him. As long as it's not the same against the average rucks.

Pitto being injured/underdone probably makes it an easy decision early, but I don't envy the MCs job.