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NFL thread

Been very quiet of late on this topic. Wonder if its because the packers fans who litter this site have nothing to crow about this year?  >:D

Just a reminder, i'm a Vikings fan and just like Carlton, this team is trying to kill me with all these nailbiter games. Thankfully, thus far, we are coming out on every one.

Not sure how many people watched the Vikings vs Bills game a few weeks ago, but as a neutral supporter you would've loved it. More twists and turns than a Sydney street. Overtime win.

If that wasn't enough, Vikings vs Colts game on Saturday (Sunday morning here) tested the heart again.
After going in at half time down 33-0, playing at home no less, it appeared that the bubble had very much burst. The commentators when they were doing the 'around the grounds at half time' were mocking eachother about how poor the game was.

*Nek minnut*

Scores tied 36-36 and into overtime. Field goal at the death of overtime and its the greatest comeback in NFL any team....ever.  :o

So now Vikings are 10-0 in 1 score games this season (8 points or less).....and my heart is still hanging in there.....just.
11-3 overall and NFC North champs.
Just for craps and giggles, the 1 game we won, which was NOT a 1 score game was week 1 against the Packers.  ;D