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Robert Heatley Stand / Power forward?
We all dream of having a Sticks or Fev running out from goal demanding the ball but as of late it seems the club is reluctant to keep someone in that one position.
Our forward structure is left wanting.
I still don't understand why we just don't plonk Levi in the goals and that's where he stays. He learns to run in patterns and make that posi his. Others also learn to play around him.
I'm tired of this one quarter here or there.
He is a great mark and players are starting to fear his footsteps and his kicking has improved.
To the CFC... Please lease Levi at Full Forward so he can become our leading POWER FORWARD.
He stays there ALL GAME! :)
Blah-Blah Bar / Club Photo Shoot
Just watched the behind the scenes video of the clubs official photo shoot.
What stood out for me was WTF was Dr Eddleston doing sitting in the shot? Well it looked a dead ringing for him if it wasn't.
He was in the row sitting.
Is he our club Doc?
Isn't he broke now? He can't be helping us that way if that is the case.
Robert Heatley Stand / Rd 9 Blues v Crows (Sunday Twilight)
Not looking forward to this game , especially at the G. Interstate team, not many people.
All depends on which Carlton Team decides to rock up.

Filth beat us, Cows beat the Filth...We beat the Cows. Isn't that how it works? :)

Hopefully Tex has the second game Blues ;D
Robert Heatley Stand / Do We Honestly Need A Change Of Captain Right Now ??
I'm going to start it and say it.

Mark Murphy tried it but it just wasn't for him, not everybody is a leader. Some can and some can't.
The title has effected the way he plays and the way he is treated.
Kade Simpson plays like it is his last game and leaves everything out there and has a voice the others listen to.
Unfortunately Murph, you need to hand over the Captaincy for the betterment of the team.
This may have never happened before but Carlton is good at breaking records, MM just went 0-4 for the first time. ;)
Blah-Blah Bar / Carlton dog names
I have just acquired a Chocolate Border Collie pup and want to give it a Carlton name.
Our last dog was a black and white border collie named Jezza, the name was perfect for him and so I would like to continue with a blues theme.
So far Juddy is the favourite, others include

Any other ideas? :)