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Topic: VFL 2023 Rd 4 Carlton vs Williamstown at Willi (Read 694 times) previous topic - next topic
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Re: VFL 2023 Rd 4 Carlton vs Williamstown at Willi

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Yep, Hollands needs a rest.
Ed can have a stint in the 2's
Young is underperforming and should be swapped out for Kemp.
Harry in the ruck would only be relief...and would spend most of the time sitting in the goalsquare or on the bench, so its basically whats happening now. I'd give him a 1 week rest to boost his confidence and bring him back.
Binns, i missed most of the first half today which is when he really dominated, but might be a time to bring him and dow in for hollands and Ed.
Durdin might miss too (leg?), rather than bring in Honey or Fisher, i'd go straight for Martin or Cuningham.

Binns is  a type of footballer you rarely see these days - he can kick with either foot.  I saw him trapped against the boundary line near the goal and when his path was blocked to kick with his right foot he simply balanced and shot off a quick left foot pass to a player who was then in a position to score.

He is small and it's hard to judge if he is ready for AFL but looks promising for the future.

Thinking about it, he could be an improvement on either Motlop or Durdin considering how they are going at the moment.

Re: VFL 2023 Rd 4 Carlton vs Williamstown at Willi

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Keep him away from the seniors.  Don't want whatever malaise effecting him that seems to run through the senior team whenever things get a bit hard.
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