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Taylor Hawkins - Tribute concert.

I resisted the urge to post about his passing in March.

For those who don't know, he was the drummer of Foo Fighters. He was the drummer for Alanis before that. He had a couple of his own bands and would record with many other big time artists in his time, including Elton John. Much loved drummer, singer, father and all round good guy. The only bloke that could perform Freddys 'Under Pressure' and do it justice with both energy and vocals. Not bad for a 'drummer'.

I had tickets to see the foo fighters later this year, yet again, that obviously can no longer happen. The band will probably never play again because Taylor is irreplaceable.

Many musicians from around the globe have felt the loss and tributes have been flowing in.
So much show that they have put together a tribute show for Taylor....well 2, one in England (in the early hours of this morning) and one coming up in New York.

You don't have to know Taylor to enjoy the show, you just have to enjoy music.

I recently watched a George Harrison tribute concert from many years ago. I can't remember many more types of these shows that are made, and certainly not one this big. Packed out Wembley stadium no less.

Do yourself a favour and set aside to watch this. There will be something/someone you like, guaranteed.

Re: Taylor Hawkins - Tribute concert.

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I got through the first 3 hours of it. Another 3 hours to go apparantly.

In the first 3 hours i saw...
Liam Gallagher from oasis.
Eddie Van Halens son (and current bassist) - Wolfgang Van Halen
Them Crooked Vultures (which includes Josh Homme (QOTSA) and John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin)
Joe Walsh (from the Eagles) with James Gang band.
all performing live.

With tributes from
Chad Smith (red hot chili peppers)
Elton John
Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue)
and many more with video tributes.

Some of the stuff i know i missed...
Lars Ulrich (Metallica) and Brian Johnson (ACDC)
Paul McCartney (Beatles/Wings)
Stewart Copeland (Police)
Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson (Rush)
Brian May and Roger Taylor (Queen)
Pearl Jam
and 1.5 hours of foo fighters with a variety of different drummers sitting in.

Its a collection of artists that you will never see perform on a life stage again.