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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL 2023 Preliminary Final Carlton vs Brisbane Post Game Prognostications
I understand your concerns, to a point.
I seriously don’t understand the level of vitriol expressed by some.
ZW’s issues have been injury and subsequently fitness related not skill related, let alone questioning his ticker…
I never really watched many GWS games unless they were vs us so I dont have much of a sample size to work with apart from the few times he has turned out for us and thats been in the main underwhelming. There is more scrutiny on him and the bar is higher because of the money he is on and the expectations that come with that, thats just how it works in pro sport.
He seems a nice enough bloke and has done it tough in his early years and lost his sister so I wish him well but he isnt an automatic selection and given his injury history needs some runs on the board in the twos' much like Marchbank had to go through, then earn his way into the team and I think it would be better for him doing it that way.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL 2023 Preliminary Final Carlton vs Brisbane Post Game Prognostications
Seriously flying solo here G2C.
I'm not sold on ZW either and understand GTCs concerns , Zac needs to earn his spot and isn't an automatic imo.
The midfield role was a fail so he has force someone out down back and prove himself. Having a big contract doesnt mean you automatically oust blue collar workers like Cincotta, Boyd etc who had to work to get their spots.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: State Elections
Comrade Dan's success at winning elections is more a reflection on how hopeless the Liberal opposition has need good opposition to create a good Government hence Andrews has been able to run amok and not be held accountable.
He either blames or sacks his own ministers once he has used them up or says he cant remember anything when the media have him cornered...brilliant politician, lousy Premier.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: State Elections
Bolts with the state on its knees with spiralling debt all overseen by his government- the arrogance and stubbornness this bloke showed throughout his ruling was disgusting. Watch him pack up and leave the ruined state and live out his days interstate regionally before he takes a bigger tumble down more stairs. You watch.

During the last election campaigning he re assured voters despite all the rumours he would not be stepping down and would see his term out.

A liar till the very end.
Wonder what triggered his decision to go early?....have a bad feeling Victorians are all going to be paying bigtime for whatever it is.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: State Elections
Dan Andrews has pulled the plug after his reign of terror and will officially take the money and run tomorrow at 5pm after spending all of our money and leaving behind a trail of debt..
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL 2023 Preliminary Final Carlton vs Brisbane Post Game Prognostications
Ill predict Zac will struggle to get into the side in 2024. Salaries and reputations count for nothing with Vossy.
I agree but big contracts always create an obligation imho to play those players ahead of Joe average when positions are tight and there isn't much between the players on form and ability.
Never seen ZW play an outstanding game to be honest either for us or GWS so it will be interesting to see what he can bring and what all the hype on him is about.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Who stood up?
Fans have short memories, they make a big deal about Charlie marking in D50, and Martin as well, but Owies was deep running pretty much the whole season and regularly, starting as our small forward, was found next to Weiters or McGovern deep in D50 when teams tried to run off our forwards and Mids. That gut based effort wins you games, not the flash stuff that catches fans eyes!
Agree... the players I mentioned in McCarthy, McCreery and Melksham all share that same work ethic you dont associate with a lot of forwards and Owies has that same approach. McKenna and Coleman really hurt us running loose from half back and we needed a bit more discipline from our forwards to prevent that.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Who stood up?
Yes, it seems a lot of people take my Owies / Motlop mistake comments as bashing Motlop, but it's not about Motlop being poor, it's about what Owies brings that Motlop doesn't, and Charlie and Harry suffer because of it.

The tell was early in the game when we were dominating, and Motlop and Martin were flying against Harry and Charlie instead of crumbing. Owies would have either been front and square, or drawing a defender away form the contest not taking them to it!
Owies plays taller and is a good leadup option and makes defenders accountable plus he is a good kick for goal and tackles like a demon. My point is that I think Owies being in the team works better for Charlie, he may not be the most talented player and have his limitations but as a cog on the forward line I think he supplies a bit of oil to the engine that makes it work smoother for Charlie.
Bit like Brisbane with McCarthy and Collingwood with McCreery, Melbourne with Melksham...not big names but things just work better when they are in the team....
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL 2023 Preliminary Final Carlton vs Brisbane Post Game Prognostications
I thought Weiters struggled a bit.
Kemp being dropped meant that he had to be accountable, he was led to the ball and gave up at least 3 goals including 1 to McInerny.
Boyd played a ripper game to be fair but our tall defenders all had a man, none were able to be the 3rd man up.
McInerney was a pain when he played forward, Weitering had to cover Daniher and the Brisbane ruckman was just too tall for everyone else and poor Jacob cant play on them all. This is where Young probably has a role when in form and I hope the coaches can get him back to his best as having that extra tall defender is a bonus.
McGovern and Boyd both played well, the latter surprised me and the former played a very good finals series and remained very disciplined and has found his niche down back.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Who stood up?
Think we are a bit tough on Charlie, he is a major reason we are where we are and achieved the impossible from where we started mid season. The finals footy being played has been tough contested non pretty scrimmage stuff which isnt the formula for kicking a lot of goals or feeding a full forward of Charlies class with opportunities. He gets double teamed a lot and our other forwards should be making more out of that fact and I thought it was a mistake dropping Owies who leads and creates another option which helps Charlie imho.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL 2023 Preliminary Final Carlton vs Brisbane Post Game Prognostications
Cunners was a witches hat for the 2 finals, he had to get dropped. If Charlie wasn't Charlie and dual Coleman medalist, he probably should have joined him. Not laying blame here, its a team game not 1 player here or there. I just loved Ollie's approach to the finals.
I thought Berry was influential and that was the problem, home and away game its fine to leave the matchup continue for Hollands to get experience but not in a do or die prelim...
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL 2023 Preliminary Final Carlton vs Brisbane Post Game Prognostications
I managed to watch the most game on my laptop in between checking out of hotels, transiting to and from Airports and catching planes home. I missed all of the 2nd qtr. I'll have to watch the game again on a proper TV to judge properly but to me, our first qtr shows why we can match it with all the contenders. Our last two quarters show why you need to finish top 4 to make the big dance.
We need a massive preseason and load up again ensuring we learn from:
- The horror run of 8 losses from rnds 5 to 13.
- The brilliant run of wins against contenders.
- The 3 unbelievable finals we played.
I thought our two youngest in Motts and Hollands were fantastic last night, for such young heads and bodies, they had a serious crack.
I'm proud of my club again, thank you CFC.
Go Blues and bring on 2024.
I thought Hollands struggled on Jarrod Berry, I like Hollands as he has a crack but Berry is a big unit and doubled our mans possessions and we didnt do our rookie wingman any favours and maybe should have played Cuningham.