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Re: Jim Park Voting 2023 AFL Rd 23 Carlton vs Gold Coast

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AFL Rd 23:   Carlton vs Gold Coast at Gold Coast
We haven’t traditionally played well on the Gold Coast, so winning is a positive. Winning from so far behind is a huge positive. Getting so far behind was not so good.
Team:   B

[2.5]   Charlie Curnow
[1.5]   George Hewett
[1.5]   Nic Newman
[1.5]   Jacob Weitering
[1]   Sam Docherty
[1]   Zac Fisher
[1]   Blake Acres
[1]   Paddy Dow
[1]   Jack Martin
[1]   Jesse Motlop
[0.5]   Adam Saad
[0.5]   Brodie Kemp
[0.5]   Patrick Cripps
[0.5]   Ed Curnow

[2.5]   Charlie Curnow:   Probably the difference between winning and losing. He changed the game.
[1.5]   George Hewett:   A strong game from George; 23 possessions, 10 tackles and 4 clearances.
[1.5]   Nic Newman:      Another great game in defence. 31 possessions from the back half!
[1.5]   Jacob Weitering:   Dominated his position and provided drive from defence.
[1]   Sam Docherty:   Another typical Doc game. He keeps getting the pill and putting his body on the line.
[1]   Zac Fisher:      Another solid game from Fisher in defence.
[1]   Blake Acres:      Probably deserves more than 1 vote, but he is brilliant early and tends to drift out of the game.
[1]   Paddy Dow:      Very solid, especially after a slow start.
[1]   Jack Martin:      Could have had 4 or 5. Showed it meant something.
[1]   Jesse Motlop:      Exciting.
[0.5]   Adam Saad:      Solid in defence and setting up forward thrusts.
[0.5]   Brodie Kemp:      A very solid game in defence.
[0.5]   Patrick Cripps:      Clearly injured, although he had half of his possessions in the first quarter. 8 tackles and 3 clearances shows his metal.
[0.5]   Ed Curnow:      7 possessions in the last quarter was pretty good.

Honourable Mentions:
Matt Owies:      Not a lot of the ball, but a couple of crucial goals and some good defensive effort.
Harry McKay:      A bit rusty, but worked into the game.
Alex Cincotta:      Solid across half back again.
Live Long and Prosper!