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Topic: AFLW 2023 - R1 vs Gold Coast - Sat 1:05 @ Ikon (Read 1195 times) previous topic - next topic
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AFLW 2023 - R1 vs Gold Coast - Sat 1:05 @ Ikon

Well round 1 is fast approaching. Most people, and rightly so, are focussed on our mens team playing finals for the first time since the AFLW comp has started.
However, week 1 will be in the pre-finals bye week. So you can get your blues fix by watching the girls run out at Ikon park against the suns.

Unfortunately, i'm not expecting big things from our girls this season. We've lost one of our most improved for another season Maddy Guerrin with her ACL carried over into this season. We've also just lost our first round pick (pick 5) Lulu Beatty for the year as well.

They will join another few players on our injury list heading into round 1 meaning all but a few fit players will play.

But hey, games haven't started yet, so who knows.