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Re: AFLW 2023 Rd 2: Carlton vs North Melbourne at Arden St

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It helps when you can tackle players who aren't in possession.

I don't get what the AFL is trying to do with the AFLW, they are making it even more congested by allowing players to be scragged and dumped even more than the men's game. Because the girls do not recover as quickly from the physical contact it just makes the game slow and congested, if anything it should be officiated the exact opposite more like Gaelic footy.

Also, I not sure at all the AFLW needs so much heavy contact, especially given the propensity for the girls to do ACL's and other similar injuries.

I suppose there are elements of this that are player / participant driven and not just administrative.

I think that's the key.  The players play the way they want to and have always played since juniors.  The AFLW rules would have to be radically different for AFLW to become bruise free and I don't think that anyone wants that. 

North's ball movement and ability to hit targets was good, but it helps if you have a huge size advantage.  I liked the idea of trying Moody as a forward but we missed her height around the ground.
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