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Re: AFL 1st Semi Final Carlton vs Melbourne Post Game Prognostications

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Lions are heavy favourites.

Hopefully they let it go to their heads and our boys do what they do and grind out a contest and get our noses in front at the final siren

Re: AFL 1st Semi Final Carlton vs Melbourne Post Game Prognostications

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Clarrie Oliver has gone up in my estimation.  He could have drawn Crippa’s bleeding nose to an umpire’s attention and got him sent off under the blood rule.  Instead, he alerted Crippa to his nose bleed and that enabled him to wipe the blood away and stay on the park and in the contest.

Analysis of the game has been done to death now and there’s general consensus that we won because Melbourne’s team selection was flawed, their tactics and coaching were poor, and the team was Ill-disciplined.  Nothing about poor kicking for goal.

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Re: AFL 1st Semi Final Carlton vs Melbourne Post Game Prognostications

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Nothing about poor kicking for goal.
I don't think the goal kicking impacted the result, it's easy to make that claim but fans forget after every behind you get the opportunity to lock the footy in your F50 and if you don't you can't complain about the miss.

Making claims about the overall result based on behinds is flawed.

Despite Melbourne making lots of F50 entries we routinely took the footy beyond the wing even though Gawn was camped behind the ball, he just can't be everywhere and where he wasn't we either had TDK or Charlie competing and I thought we did OK at stopping the Melbourne turnovers from hurting us. I think Melbourne made two mistakes, only playing Gawn against TDK and Pitto was the first, and the second was leaving McDonald deep in F50 when he could have been further up the ground. Maybe McDonald wasn't match fit enough and that compounded the problems. The net result was May and Lever had to get further out of our F50 than was comfortable for them and they failed several times to get back, it was a structural flaw.

In those final minutes, when we saw McGovern, Kemp, Acres and TDK deep in our F50, according to Doc on 360 that was a drill, so it seems in that moment Voss outcoached Goodwin. You have to win finals, and Voss placed a winning bet!
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Re: AFL 1st Semi Final Carlton vs Melbourne Post Game Prognostications

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We had more scoring shots against Collingwood when we lost to them this year.

Collingwood had more scoring shots than us when we beat them last time out.

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Re: AFL 1st Semi Final Carlton vs Melbourne Post Game Prognostications

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So many times in the past decade we've had games in which we bombed the ball to the goal square form +60m out only to see it rushed over the line and carried away to the other end, something we complained about over and over again as a losing tactic, our fans should be cognisant of that when they discuss goals and behinds.

Then go back and watch Melbourne repeatedly bombing the ball to the top of the square for Gawn, Smith, McDonald, Pickett or all four to launch against each other, and compare that to our last 90s of the game!

Think about our early season, when Charlie, Harry and SoJ flew against each other, the continual calls for them to create space!

Surely the analogy is strong enough for fans to understand.

Goals to Behinds is more often than not largely irrelevant, it's how it happens that matters.
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Re: AFL 1st Semi Final Carlton vs Melbourne Post Game Prognostications

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Incredible! From here on in, there's no pressure on us. At all. The expectations, starting last night, were on Melbourne, who most tipped to win. Now a first preliminary final since 2000! OMG!
To some comments on some players now. Walsh, you legend. How your absence has been noticed this year. Splendid to have you back champ. Stood up and stood out in only his second final, set the ground on fire. Next captain in waiting material.
Acres, thank you mate. An absolute keeper, not just recycled junkyard trash filling in a spot. Runs hard everywhere and once again, won the match! One thing I'll say is, breathe mate, don't rush the thing in the dying stages. The game could still have been stolen back off us. Perhaps he was more comfortable with instinct and not overthinking set shot goals. Hmm.
Docherty. Heart and soul champion. Courageous stuff to play on with that shoulder. So unlucky with those injury problems. Provided dash and long, direct kicking and metres gained play.
Motlop. You little beauty mate. Tackling, chasing and two very important, clever goals. He belongs in the 22. Growth still to come. What a time to play that sort of a game.
Newman. The everywhere man. A finals-hardened player. Has been a little bit off with some clangers this finals series, but can't fault his effort and ability to find and win the ball, both in the clinches and in the spaces.
McGovern. I don't recall who he was on, but won more than his share of the ball and had an overwhelming kick-to-handball ratio. Why not either? A trusty kicker, kicked out almost entirely after their 17 behinds and seemed faultless at it. He was also in the contest when Acres took the match winning mark and goal. He will get his turn too, he knows where the goals are.
TDK. Good lord. What a player he is becoming. When he hangs on to his marks, he can fly and take some speccies. Took them all around the ground. He was an excellent and important presence forward. Those two marks and two goals from set shots, he provided a foil for the Melbourne defence and took pressure off Charlie, who was soundly beaten by May. He was a forward as a junior too and I reckon this is the start of a presence we'll see down there. He'll improve as a forward, just as much as a ruck. More to come. Very well done to nail those set shots.
Pittonet. Gave Gawn a real headache as a defensive ruck running with him.

(This was the review I wrote, I found it in my draft post section)!