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Re: "Bell Ready For Ringadingdinger" (One For Elwood)

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His overall contibution was poor last night.  Will learn from it.  Once again got caught trying to burst through blokes which caused a lot of frustration for Betts who had given it off to him inside fifty.

Missed a target with a fairly straight forward handball in the third quarter.

Has a lot of upside but he would want to improve quickly from here.

Thought Betts gave it too him too late and didnt have much choice but to try and smash his way through the tackler....The handball miss was because the player he was looking for changed direction at the last second...

Bell is still a way off cementing a spot and has some raw edges but the kid does win his own ball and we need his size, unless we suddenly get 2-3 Josh Kennedy's(Swans) being recruited
next draft then he will still have a place on the list..

Re: "Bell Ready For Ringadingdinger" (One For Elwood)

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That handball miss was behind his target no change of direction involved just plain old inaccuracy and a lack of foresight to realise that putting the ball into space in front of his teamate would have been more beneficial than handballing to where im pretty sure Gibbs was with the result being one of Mcveighs 41 posessions.
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