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As we approach the new season we are looking to give the site a bit of a freshen up.

As part of this process we will be adding some new moderators to the group.

DJC has been offered a position and has accepted the role.
A balanced and commited poster we are sure he will fit smoothly into the job.
Please make him welcome.

For those unsure, the current administration team includes

Admin-BigBrahminBoss (Pres), Lods
Moderators- crashlander, Navy Maven, DJC, cookie2

Any issues of concerm regarding the site should be directed to one of these members

More to come...

As part of the summer spruce-up....
cookie2 has now accepted a position as a moderator.

With things nearly settled on the admin side of things we  look forward to a great year of discussion and contributions from all members.

Excellent! Welcome, Cookie!

malo: is testiment to the way this forum is moderated that it is very rare to see any heated discussion descending into the nastyness that seems to infect a great many other on-line forums/social media platforms.

This is what keeps me coming back here !

Goodluck, and thanks Cookie.

That's because BigJack PI2C and Shades aren't around much any more.

Trouble makers... 8)


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