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April 26, 2019, 09:46:22 AM

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Author Topic: Game threads  (Read 226 times)

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Offline madbluboy

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Game threads
« on: March 28, 2019, 09:50:45 AM »
Just a request but could we could put Pre- game, In-Game and Post-Game at the beginning of the titles as they get chopped in the scroll bar and cause people to post in the wrong thread?
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Offline PaulP

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Re: Game threads
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2019, 10:39:49 AM »
I was thinking much the same. The title should start with the nature of the thread, then the round - e.g In Game Round 1, pre game Round 2, post game round 3, etc.

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Re: Game threads
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2019, 10:51:34 AM »
Why not just make the scrolling panel a little wider and it will correct things retrospectively.

PS; I was on another site a while back and they had a thread scroller like this site that on desktops popped out into another window. That grabbed me as being very useful, I have no idea how they did it! But I suppose it has it's own set-backs as well, phones, disability access, etc., etc.. If I find it I'll post a link, it was probably Codepen or linked from a site like Codeacademy or Sourceforge.
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Re: Game threads
« Reply #3 on: March 28, 2019, 03:32:45 PM »
We'll take these on board.
Probably do the easy options first as the others may take a bit of working out.



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