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 Thanks the insight on many topics. Lods Had dealings with him when I provided the CSC polo shirts several years ago , still wear mine hope others were happy as well with theirs

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Did you leak Cookie?  ;D

Lods said to me " Et tu Brute!". I didn't know what he was talking about.  :-\
Reality is when you stop believing in something it doesn’t go away.......

Re: Lods

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Lods said to me " Et tu Brute!". I didn't know what he was talking about.  :-\

Can you buy me a coffee with those 30 pieces of silver?

Tell me it isn't true!
The Force Awakens!

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Job well done Lods, glad to see you will still be sticking around!
Mens sana in corpore sano - A healthy mind in a healthy body.

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Long time coming Lods.

I think you first pushed for this around Farnesy's first final tour.  ;D

Not many people have a bad word to say about Lods, and if they do, they are not worth listening too. ;)

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Great person. Open minded with your opinion. Never condescending. Best Mod any site will ever experience. Never be another one the same. Not even close. Thanks for your awesome work and making me feel very welcome here.
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A big loss to the moderating team. Resolutely impartial and balanced, even keeled and very fair. Please come back.

Ripper summary, Pauly.

Says a lot about you, the person, Principal LODS, that you are so uniformly respected as a moderator. So glad your opinions and input will remain.

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine up there, pina colada in hand, whilst the other half peels you some grapes...  ;) ;)

How about putting those writing skills to further use by writing a novel! 'Characters I've Met As A Moderator...' Could be a trilogy  ;D ;D
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Re: Lods

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Say it ain't so...