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Message Time Out.

We seem to be having a few issues with the site.
If you are trying to post and get a message that your session has timed out, log out of the site and then log back in.
That should fix that problem.

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Game threads

Just a request but could we could put Pre- game, In-Game and Post-Game at the beginning of the titles as they get chopped in the scroll bar and cause people to post in the wrong thread?

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New Moderators

As we approach the new season we are looking to give the site a bit of a freshen up.

As part of this process we will be adding some new moderators to the group.

DJC has been offered a position and has accepted the role.
A balanced and commited poster we are sure he will fi

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The bots are particularly active at the moment, including one using what I think is bahasa Indonesia.

Apart from the annoyance factor, what are bots trying to achieve?  Is there a way to block them (I am a person test)?

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Keeping it civil in the difficult times

Often when things aren't travelling well we start to get a bit of irritation between posters.

We're a pretty varied group, with varied opinions about our circumstances and progress, and conflicts arise from time to time, but try to keep them to a minimum...especially with the pe

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