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Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
Last post by Thryleon -
Take out the rubbish bin without breaking health regulations maybe? After all it is bin night in my neighbourhood.

Pretty confident you can take your bins out without breaking regulations.

Seriously the amount of crap I've seen people complaining about.

The curfews should have been scrapped weeks ago but the andrews government created a millstone for themselves with their lockdown strategy.  It couldn't be eased with rising cases because it became an admission of it not being warranted.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
Last post by LP -
Someone like Bolsonaro is going to the wall for his misrepresentation of the pandemic which has allegedly caused deaths of more than a 1/4 of a million people!
Early in the pandemic, he referred to COVID-19 as a "little flu." Later, he suggested that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine can turn people into crocodiles.

In a lengthy report released Wednesday, the 11-member committee said that Bolsonaro allowed the pandemic coronavirus to spread freely through the country in a failed attempt to achieve herd immunity, leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. The report also took aim at Bolsonaro's promotion of ineffective treatments, such as hydroxychloroquine. The committee blames the president's policies for the deaths of more than 300,000 Brazilians.

In addition to crimes against humanity, the committee accused Bolsonaro of quackery, malfeasance, inciting crime, improper use of public funds, and forgery.
I don't see any difference between this guy and Trump, yet American's chose to attacked the Whitehouse instead!

Maybe they should re-label Trump as Trolsonaro, could they be the same person, have you ever seen them stand side by side live?
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: "The Greatest Club of All": Video
Last post by Baggers -
Whoever put that together would be a riot at parties! Talk about a misery guts!

There aren't any of the founding clubs who haven't had a handsome chunk of their history mired in failure. Even our poor 20 years had a few years of finals appearances. Yes, we sunk low, very low.

And as consistently as we justifiably shook our heads in dismay over recent years, we ponied up our memberships, year in, year out - even grew our membership. Says a lot about the loyalty of our supporters. How many other clubs had a shizen period of years and membership dropped way off? Many. Not us.

As we look at our Board and Football Dept. now, there are many changes -- which we screamed for -- giving us real reason to see the club differently and to put a twinkle in the eye of optimism for our future. The real test will be on grass, on paddocks with a bag of air from the 2022 season onward. Bring it on.