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The Sports Desk / Re: God help me - the Test Cricket thread
When you don't take an opposition seriously enough, you can get the surprise of your life. Australian cricket wasn't ready for today and suffered accordingly.
Maybe they'll stop congratulating themselves on how good they are and doing the hard yards to make sure we're good.
I won't blame our changes in batsmen, both Green and Smith performed this innings. But Labuschagne had a summer to forget, Head has had one good test and Marsh is human. There hasn't been the consistency in the batting for a long time, and there damned well needs to be.
The Sports Desk / Re: God help me - the Test Cricket thread
I may as well add to the chorus:
I think Green has a future, he has very few 'runs on the board' at this point. He has a good technique and can bowl at decent pace, but doesn't displace one of the front-liners in either role. Yes, he is an excellent fieldsman, but he needs to do more.
Green seems to be the only young one on the selectors' horizons, which is disappointing. Giving some tests to a few more younger players seems to me to be a good idea.
The Sports Desk / Re: 2023 BBC Test team of the year
It is the BBC, they think of English players first as they cover all of their games. But Bairstow? Must be trying to ruffle Aussie feathers with that one. His batting isn't that great and there are better keeps out there, definitely. Carey, for example, is a brilliant gloveman.
The Sports Desk / Re: God help me - the Test Cricket thread
Not a lot of experience in the West Indies line-up, but unknowns can catch the unwary unprepared. There hasn't been a lot of talk from the players and those close to them, but thinking they're going to walk over teams is the way to suffering ignominy. I'd rather see us have our homework done and preparations complete to prepare for a battle.
The Sports Desk / Re: God help me - the Test Cricket thread
The question for me at the moment, is who is going to open?
I'm not a great fan of making an opener out of something else. Especially Green, whose performances promise much but deliver little.
I think Smith goes well enough at #4: making him open opens a hole in the middle of the order with no obvious replacement.
The specialist openers, I don't know that I'm convinced any of them will be what we need, but if we ignore guys who have done the hard yards, what message does that send to the guys playing Shield cricket? We've been something of a closed shop for too long and do need some new blood.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: 2024 VFL all team lists
Apologies to Crash if he’s already onto this, I couldn’t find it.
This article contains complete team lists starting with the coach and his contract status, retained players, departed players and their destination, incoming players and their previous club and AFL additions to their squads.
Thanks. I hadn't seen this. My comments are on the VFL 2024 thread.
Blah-Blah Bar / Merry Christmas 2023!
It is that time of year again.
A very Merry Christmas for all of you, and your families. May Santa provide us all with the best of gifts in 2024!
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: General Discussions
I can't tell you what happened, nobody outside of those two know.

But Lehrmann is still in the country, while Higgins has taken a massive public purse payout and scarpered, it's leaving a bad taste!
If you listen to Higgins, the only one person knows what happened, and it wasn't her.

I was amazed to hear that the cameras suggest that Lehrmann only bought Higgins two drinks!

I have no idea what happened back there, but when it came down to two people arguing about what happened with no corroborating evidence, the result is never going to be satisfactory.
That people, especially in the media and in politics, decide to use such things for their benefit no longer surprises me, but it does disappoint me. It certainly makes getting real justice extremely difficult.

If I were Higgins and I thought I had been raped, I wouldn't bring it up days later; I'd be heading to the police to get evidence ASAP! The only way to be sure if for there to be evidence, not innuendo.
Maybe my being male colours my opinion, but ...

Lehrmann's life has been ruined; he has no chance of ever getting anywhere.
As for Higgins, she may have got a payout, but her future isn't looking rosy either.
The lawyers, on the other hand, may as well order their next Mercedes or two, because the money is certainly heading their way.
Ladies Lounge / Re: AFLW List Management 2024
So five ins completed, three trades and 2 draftees;
[1] Celine Moody - ruck/forward
[2] Yasmine Duursma - midfielder
[3] Tarni Brown-midfielder
[4] Lila Keck-mid/ small forward
[5] Meg Robertson - midfielder

That suggests our brain trusts thought we needed a more effective midfield.
Ladies Lounge / Re: AFLW Draft 2023
It appears that Sarah Black was pretty much on the mark.
Lila Keck and Meg Robertson, just as advertised.
Not disappointed; we need a stronger midfield and a small forward who kicks goals.
Hope defence is not effected by our outs.
Ladies Lounge / AFLW Draft 2023
Yes, I've posted this early, but it is an odd time of your to be thinking drafts and I don't want to miss it.
Ladies Lounge / Re: AFLW List Management 2024
I just became aware of an interesting thing for ALFW Draft night: Carlton have a F/D possibility for late in the 1st round. That's right, another F/D.
Meg Robertson
Position: Midfielder
Height: 171cm
State: Victoria, Dandenong Stingrays/Berwick
Her dad is Ben Robertson, who played 3 games for us back in 1992. We'll probably have to bid for her, but ...

I admit, I wasn't expecting F/D for another year, when Abu McKay's sister is available.