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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: VFL 2024 Rd 13 Carlton vs Southport at Carlton
The lack of intensity and the poor disposal of our VFL team really stand out. We were beaten in yet another close finish, when, if a couple of guys stood up, the result could have been different. The guys really lack spark and don't have any mental toughness when things get hot.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: VFL 2024 Rd 13 Carlton vs Southport at Carlton
Our squad for today:

B:  S. Durdin  Marchbank  Lewis Young
HF:  Wilson  Akuei  Lachie Young
C:  Moir Binns Cuningham
HF:  Cahill   Monahan  Motlop
F:  McMahon  Lemmey  Mirkov
R:  Pittonet  Lord  J Carroll
Int:  Prout  White  Darcy Hogg  Ramshaw  Maher

Em:  Stevens  Lambert  Lefroy  Lewis  Ferronato  Nelson
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Jim Park Voting 2024 AFL Rd 15 Carlton vs Geelong at the MCG
AFL Rd 15:   Carlton vs Geelong
Rating:      A+
We took on a bogey team tonight and slaughtered them. They made some horrible selection decisions, but we beat them in any aspect you could imagine.

Like other similar games, it is difficult giving everyone a mention and still rewarding players as they deserve
[2]   Patrick Cripps
[2]   Sam Walsh
[2]   Tom de Koning
[1]   Matthew Kennedy
[1]   Alex Cincotta
[1]   Jacob Weitering
[1]   Blake Acres
[0.5]   Charlie Curnow
[0.5]   George Hewett
[0.5]   Elijah Hollands
[0.5]   Nic Newman
[0.5]   Adam Saad
[0.5]   Lachie Cowan
[0.5]   Mitch McGovern
[0.5]   Lachie Fogarty
[0.5]   Jordan Boyd
[0.5]   Matt Owies

[2]   Patrick Cripps:      41 possessions, 14 clearances and 5 tackles. What more can you say?
[2]   Sam Walsh:      33 Clearance, 9 clearances and 5 tackles, and some 600+ metres gained.
[2]   Tom de Koning:   Tome played an excellent game tonight
[1]   Matthew Kennedy:   31 possessions would get 3 votes most weeks. Really good!
[1]   Alex Cincotta:      Did another job and kicked 2 goals in the bargain.
[1]   Jacob Weitering:   Kept his opponents goalless again and didn’t lose a on-on-one all night.
[1]   Blake Acres:      A really good night for Blake and some straight kicking for goal.
[0.5]   Charlie Curnow:   Charlie didn’t do a lot and still kicked 5 goals.
[0.5]   George Hewett:   Another Hewett game: solid and dependable.
[0.5]   Elijah Hollands:   Another improved performance. Looking like a masterstroke of recruiting.
[0.5]   Nic Newman:      Another solid game in defence.
[0.5]   Adam Saad:      Kep his opponent quiet and provided drive. Just another day in the office.
[0.5]   Lachie Cowan:   Didn’t get huge numbers, but 8 tackles and a goal looked good. Did his role well.
[0.5]   Mitch McGovern:   A solid job across Half Back.
[0.5]   Lachie Fogarty:   Loved his work.
[0.5]   Jordan Boyd:      Again, not huge possessions, but how many did his opponents get?
[0.5]   Matt Owies:      3 first half goals, when the game needed to be won.

Honourable Mentions
Harry McKay:      Didn’t have a big game, but still kicked three.
Ollie Hollands:      Solid on his wing. Did some really nice things in the area as well,
Zac Williams:      Quieter than he has been, but still did some lovely things. Did his role nicely.

Hell, even Fantasia wasn’t that bad. Pity he can’t kick over a jam tin any longer.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 15 2024 Post-Game Prognostications Carlton vs Geelong
You bloody beauty! Not sure what I enjoyed more - absolutely smashing the AFL’s love child or hearing the crestfallen tone in the Ch 7 commentators voices.

Did you know Carlton have scored more goals from free kicks than any other side?
It may be true, but how many more could have been paid and haven't? That is a stat I'd like to see.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 15 2024 Post-Game Prognostications Carlton vs Geelong
So.....anyone still think we need 2 rucks in the team? Anyone??

Didn't think so.
Actually, Krud, we have a real problem with our 2nd ruck. Rucking Cripps and Kennedy is not sustainable against a decent team. They try hard, they're strong and they can come up with a few moments of magic, but it is a real weakness in our game.

What the solution may be, I don't know yet. I like Pittonet and what he brings to the team, but Tom de Koning has really pulled up his socks with the #1 role.
That said, Tom isn't a great ruckman. He won tonight because Geelong were stupid enough not to play a real ruckman against him. They paid and paid and paid for that stupidity. How they didn't play Conway, I don't know. Conway would have evened up the midfield with his strength and taps, even though Tom would slaughter him around the ground.
But, no, they had to try SdK and Blicavs. Blicavs wasn't disgraced in the ruck, but it meant he could do roles he would be better armed to do. It was idiocy, and I'm glad they paid they full price.
But that doesn't excuse us to thinking of doing the same thing.

If Harry Lemmey had come on a bit, I would have liked to tried him in the role. However, he isn't close to it at the moment.

What is the answer? Maybe we will need to play Pitto as well as Tom. Tom has already shown that his ruck work is his least strong area, for all his athleticism. Start Pitto and sub his off late, having a fitter Tom to finish off?
Maybe. But it is a conundrum we need to address. Especially before we play Collingwood or Sydney.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 15 2024 Pre-game Prognostications Carlton vs Geelong
Our line-up:

B: [37] Jordan Boyd,  [23] Jacob Weitering,  [17] Brodie Kemp
HB:  [24] Nic Newman,  [11] Mitch McGovern,  [42] Adam Saad
C:  [4] Oliver Hollands,  [9] Patrick Cripps,  [13] Blake Acres
HF:  [8] Lachie Fogarty,  [10] Harry McKay,  [6] Zac Williams
F:  [44] Matthew Owies,  [30] Charlie Curnow,  [39] Alex Cincotta
R:  [12] Tom De Koning,  [18] Sam Walsh,  [29] George Hewett
Int:  [2] Lachlan Cowan,  [7] Matthew Kennedy,  [20] Elijah Hollands,  [19] Corey Durdin,  [14] Orazio Fantasia

Em:  [3] Jesse Motlop,  [22] Caleb Marchbank,  [27] Marc Pittonet

I'd rather have Pitto play, but ...
I'm glad Marchbank didn't get the gig: he couldn't keep up with Cameron.
Cameron is the one we have to squash. He's kicked too many goals against us recently.
Robert Heatley Stand / Jim Park Voting 2024 AFL Rd 15 Carlton vs Geelong at the MCG
Voting is as usual: you have 15 votes to award pretty much as you will, with the following provisos:
[1] 15 votes in total, no more, no less.
[2] No more than 10 votes for any one player (even Sam Walsh or Patrick Cripps)
[3] Three players at least must get a mention.
[4] A grade for the game, A+ (what I want to see) to F-.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Jim Park Analysis 2024
AFL 2024 Rd 12:   Carlton vs Port Adelaide
A second win at Adelaide Oval in a season, and against Port! One of the better team performances of recent time, and a great last quarter to top it all off.

[1]   There were 16 voters this round, which is pretty good for this year. This round last year 12 voters bothered after another disastrous performance.

[2]   The rating was a 10.06, which is an A. This is the highest rating I can remember us having since I took over running this award. Very solid!

[3]   18! players managed a mention this week, which is the highest I've seen. We had a lot of players who won their position and pretty much everybody did something significant to contribute. And we really did share the votes around!

[4]   The average vote this week was 34!. Another first since I've been doing this. Brilliant!

[5]   5 players managed 100 votes or more this week. Even with more players than ever getting recognition!

[6]   Tom de Koning managed 336 votes to be BOG this week. Sam Walsh and Patrick Cripps came in 2nd and 3rd.

[7]   Only two players managed votes from everyone this week; Cripps and de Koning. Walsh missed from one voter.

[8]   Of our youngsters, Cincotta and Kemp all made significant contributions. Oliver and Elijah Hollands also got votes.

[9]   This was a game where all sectors of the team made significant contributions. The top 3 vote getters were mids, but the numbers were spread among the other places. It was lovely to see how even our contributions were.

de Koning, Tom  336
Walsh, Sam   277
Cripps, Patrick  261
Newman, Nicholas  135
Cincotta, Alex  104  For the first time over 100 votes!
McKay, Harrison   88
William, Zac  47
Weitering, Jacob  47
Acres, Blake  44
Curnow, Charles  35
Hollands, Elijah  35
Kemp, Brodie  28
Saad, Adam  19
Hewett, George  16
Hollands, Oliver  13
Fogarty, Lachlan  13
McGovern, Mitchell  6
Boyd, Jordan  6

Progressive Voting:
Patrick Cripps  2799
Sam Walsh   1910
Harry McKay 1480
Tom de Koning 1398 A great effort so far, considering he usually loses in the ruck.
Jacob Weitering 1119
Nic Newman  850
Blake Acres 829
George Hewett 790
Charlie Curnow 657
Marc Pittonet   606 A fantastic effort considering how few games he's actually played!
Mitch McGovern   555
Matthew Kennedy 413
Adam Saad 329
Zac William 291
Brodie Kemp 288
Matthew Owies   274
Adam Cerra 262
Alex Cincotta 205  Cincotta has got decent votes in the last 4 games.
Jordan Boyd   175
Matthew Cottrell   144
Elijah Hollands  139
Ollie Hollands 84
Lachie Fogarty   81
Jack Carroll 64
Lewis Young   61
Orazio Fantasia 13
David Cuningham   13
Lachie Cowan   3