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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: 2024 Practice Match Carlton vs Melbourne
BTW our mids did our backs no favours at all - they were obliterated to such a level that it was inexcusable. Hopefully its blowing out cobwebs. If we bring that game next week - then the players better buy some shares in Vaseline because they will need plenty of it.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: 2024 Practice Match Carlton vs Melbourne
I don't think Boyd will get plenty of games as his off the ball game has been woeful past two weeks.

Maybe he is out of form or his ceiling is reached - if his ceiling is reached then he is deadwood and need to give youngsters a game instead with a higher ceiling. He is good with ball in hand but geez he needs to be better off the ball.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: 2024 Practice Match Carlton vs Melbourne
No one on this Earth can convince me last night was a good showing in any way shape or form.
- A full preseason on a ground where every player would know ever blade of grass. The blokes wearing CFC jumpers last night looked like they had to google map the address of IKON Park before beginning the drive to it let alone know it well. The next person I hear say "we need to have it as our home venue for premiership points and make it our fortress" I will spew up.
- A full preseason supposedly practicing speed and ball movement. I was abhorrent to say the least.
- A full preseason with footballs in hand from day 1 and they come out fumbling and dropping marks, skills that Carolyn Springs FC would put to shame.
- A full preseason with a group who had supposedly matured and turned the corner in 2023. They looked confused, lacked cohesion, it was like the first session of preseason having read the new game plan book.
Last night was the complete opposite to what I expected. I'm no dill, I realise it was a practice match and the result counted for nothing other than a tune up. However one week out from meeting one of last years Grandfinalists on their dungheap, I expected a sharp, determined looking outfit displaying all the traits that justify our expectations that 2024 will be a year where consolidate the achievements of 2023. And don't feed me the BS about missing our two best players either. Weitering they have know about for several weeks, if they haven't developed a play with him missing, shame on them. Walsh? Supposedly we have a deep midfield, now we are a one man midfield because of a poor showing. I call BS on that. They were missing Oliver and Petracca barely got out of reverse. We are not a one or two man team, or are we?
Overdramatic? Ever the pessimist? We'll see I guess. To truly change you have to guess what, change. Every year we come out slow out of the blocks, last night was no different. Following 2023 this was supposed to be different. Wrote us off too early? Again, we'll see I guess. Maybe last years PF was our peak, maybe that's as good as it gets for this group. I just expected something better, I'm nervous. PS Praccy match or not, they showed they are top 4 material and ready to redeem themselves, we played like pretenders who drank bath water Dakaris all summer.

Agree - need to see more. Its not the loss but the way this group lost.

Harry in the ruck is a must as a relieving ruckman few minutes each qtr against opponents relieving ruck.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 0R 2024 Pre Game Prognostications Brisbane v Carlton
Harry, Saad, Hewett had great pre season games and expect that form to continue.

Deadwood need to be weeded out ASAP and make room for new blood. We cant fall in the same traps of the past of keeping mediocre players on the list in place of yougsters with upside.

Wilson, Binns and Moir need to play plenty of games this season.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: 2024 Practice Match Carlton vs Melbourne
My Rd 1 team based on the past two games.

B: Docherty   Kemp   Newman
HB: Billy      Gov       Saad
C:  Acres   Cripps    Hollands
HF: Fogarty   McKay  Binns
F:  Fantasia   Charlie   Motlop
R: TDK   Hewett  Cerra
IC: Cottrell,  Big Durds, Kennedy, Moir
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: 2024 Practice Match Carlton vs Melbourne
Gawn v Carlton

Boyd, Cunningham, Cincotta, Young, Pittonet, Fantasia

Look like they are deadwood to me unfortunately.

Happy to give them a full season but on that game they were woeful. Can cut Fantasia some slack but not the rest.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre Season Hit Out vs Geelong
Thought it was a good hit out. Looked very rusty early then improved 2nd half. No where near our "identity" first half but that improved
The boys would have taken alot from that game and bring on Melbourne next week on six day turn around.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pick your best 22 of 2023 - Part 1 - Pre-season
Depth is pretty good I am finding it too hard to pick best 22. But here it goes

B: Newman Weitering Marchbank
HB: Williams  McGovern  Saad

C: Acres     Cerra   Docherty

HF: Martin   McKay    Cottrell
F: Motlop    Curnow  Fantasia

R: TDK   Cripps  Walsh

IC: Hewett  Kennedy  Boyd   Silvagni

E: Pittonet  Cincotta Cunningham

Backline looks dynamite that can take on any mix

Centerline lots of heavy hitters that rarely lose their one on ones

Forward - can use any combination really but went for this one

TDK needs to ruck for more minutes with McKay relieving few minutes in a quarter.