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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Jim Park Analysis 2022
Top 10 B & F looks about right tbh

4169 - Cripps, Patrick (336)
3498 - Walsh, Sam (0)
2917 - Docherty, Sam (177)
2332 - Saad, Adam (27)
2040 - Curnow, Charles (27)
1962 - Hewett, George (0)
1720 - Kennedy, Matthew (0)
1420 - Cerra, Adam (274)
1188 - McKay, Harrison (53)
1032 - Weitering, Jacob (9)
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: VFL Finals Week 2: Carlton vs Brisbane
Haven't seen the game yet; I was at a wedding. To kick 3 goals 8 in the last quarter to lose ... this is too much like the Carlton of 2022. It really does break the heart.
From the stats:
[1] Dow showed how good he could be. 41 possessions and 15 clearances! Can he do it in the seniors? Damned good question.
[2] We struggled all year without a key forward. Crocker did the job, but he isn't 195 cm+. Really amazing, considering the structural issues our team had.
[3] Mirkov really won the rucks. He had 52 taps!
[4] Ned Cahill wants a chance. Can we give it to him? He had 10 tackles as a small forward.

Big Yes to Cahill - I'm a fan of his but need to let one go I don't like the idea of having four small forwards on the list takes up too much real estate.
Big Yes to Crocker - need more medium/small forwards that can take an overhead mark - lost count how many times our small forwards were outsized.
Big Yes to drafting a young tall forward on the slow cooker.