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Robert Heatley Stand / A message from SOS

"I think most Carlton people would say this: Michael Voss has got to make that team into a selfless football team – they don't know what selfless is, watching that Carlton team," the former Blues list boss said on AFL Trade Radio.

"They don't sacrifice for each other, they don't help each other, they need to become a selfless team.
Notice Board (Visitors Enter Here) / Club e-mails
Is anyone else who is a member not receiving e-mails from the club at present?
I've seen a couple of folks complaining about it elsewhere.
I had the member's survey the other day but the last one before that was back when we were organising those free memberships.
I had nothing around the time of the Teague/review period and nothing regarding re-signings etc

I must be on the naughty list. >:D
The Sports Desk / Brisbane 2032
Australia is hosting the Olympics in 2032.

(I'm sure the Chinese will do a good job...Just joking ;)  )
I wish I'd had a bet on it.
It was kind of like winning the gold medal at the Masters games because all the opposition in your age division are no longer 'kicking'.

There was a bit of excitement 'down by the river' last night ('only foolish people go, he said... 'down by the river') not a lot of social distancing and many not masked up.... but the level of excitement wasn't quite what it was at the Sydney announcement.
Even our delegation's leaps were only half hearted, and you could almost imagine  the Olympic officials thinking "sit down you dills, you've beaten no-one"

Big shout out to the Channel Nine presenters who made it all about themselves and talked all the way through the announcement with zero awareness....we had to hear it on delay.

2032....I may struggle to make it.
On a positive note my house price will go up.

....and on a serious note, well done on the bid and good luck to all the young athletes who will get to perform with the 'home ground' benefits.

The Sports Desk / Tokyo 2021
It’s probably time to kick off a thread, but the normal enthusiasm for the Olympics just isn’t there. My personal opinion is that they shouldn’t go ahead, but that’s balanced a bit by the realization that many athletes have worked extremely hard to be in their best possible shape for the upcoming games. To time it just right is a tricky task and they’ve already had the disappointment of last year’s postponement.
Normally at this time there are usually some great lead -up performances as teams are finalised. I’m a big track and field fan so that’s where my main interest will be. It may just be because we’ve had a bit of a starvation of competition over the last eighteen months but I’m actually a bit surprised that lead up performances are so good considering the lack of training opportunities and competition. We’ve seen a few world records.
It’s probably not good to be too sceptical, but when it comes to athletic records, some of us have become a bit cynical. I’m wondering whether testing regimes have been quite as tight during this period, or have a few folks taken the opportunity to add an extra ‘weetbix’ to their brekkie.
Robert Heatley Stand / Football Department Review
Here we go...

Carlton is set to launch an external review on the club’s football department, which is expected to decide the future of coach David Teague and his assistants.
The club’s incoming president Luke Sayers has been in Sydney with the team, where he has been conducting informal interviews with several senior players and coaches.

The review of the football department, which will be implemented by Sayers and conducted by outsiders, will begin in the coming weeks.
Several board members believed a review would take place at the end of the season if Carlton didn’t make the finals, but that process has been brought forward in the wake of poor results.
Blah-Blah Bar / Footy Jokes
My wife just asked Google to tell her a joke.
Google replied

Q: What's black and white and black and white and black and white.
A; A Collingwood player  rolling down a hill. ;D

(didn't say they had to be good jokes ;)

When in Rome
A little boy from Melbourne had gone to Rome on holiday with his family hoping to see the Pope. Anyway, a couple of days after they'd arrived, the Pope was doing a tour of the city in his Popemobile. The little lad was a bit worried that the Pope wouldn't be able to pick him out in the crowd, so his Mum said "Don't worry, the Pope is a footy fan, so wear your Carlton jumper and he's bound to pick you out and talk to you."

So, they're in the crowd, but the Pope-mobile drives past them, and stops a bit further down the street where John Paul gets out and speaks to a little boy in a Collingwood jumper. The lad is distraught and starts crying. His Mum says "Don't worry, the Pope's driving around tomorrow as well, so we'll get you a Collingwood jumper and then he's bound to see you."

The next day arrives, and the boy's got on his new Collingwood jumper. The Popemobile stops right by him, John Paul gets out, bends down and says to the lad "I thought I told you to f*** off yesterday!"

Robert Heatley Stand / The opposition run on
The 'opposition run on'

Why is it happening so often?
How do we stop it?

No doubt it's a topic of hot discussion amongst our coaching group.
They're struggling to find the answer.

There seems to be a couple of 'schools of thought' at a supporter level....

Some see us as 'very close'. We dominate games for long stretches. If we can just stop these constant periods where the opposition get a bit of run... we'll be there!

Other see us as still a 'fair way away'. A line up that's far from settled. To them it just seems the opposition have to press a button, go up a level, and we have no answer.

Is it a mental/attitude thing? (not coming ready to play, switching off when in a winning position)
Is it a personnel issue (players capable of the shutdown)
Is it a 'fitness issue'? (possibly, but many of these lapses occur in early parts of a game.)
Is it a leadership problem when these runs occur? (Who stands up?)
Is it a coaching issue (moves that don't occur, or don't work)?

(All of the above?)

Robert Heatley Stand / Captains.
When Cripps is 'on' he can be an inspirational leader.
I actually preferred Docherty when the last lot of discussions for Captain came up, but injury has had a big impact.

And there is the issue.
Cripps appears to struggle through seasons these days and I suspect (more often than we may realise)..... plays injured.
Docherty may never return to the consistent effectiveness he displayed pre-injury.
The longevity of both is uncertain.

We have two young players who are almost guaranteed 8-10 year+ starting 22 certainties.
I believe they've shown enough in on-field leadership through their playing efforts that they'd fit comfortably into the role.
But I guess those closer to the club would have a better idea as to the  all round suitability.
If they do get the tick....
At the end of this year should we make the change to a Weitering/Walsh dynasty to take us forward with a bit of stability for an extended period.
No Co-Captains....a traditional Captain/Vice Captain (in whatever combination)
Robert Heatley Stand / Two things after Round 2
Two things after Round 2.
What are two things that have stood out for you after Round 2?

They can be really general things (like I'm about to do) or very specific things relating to an individual player or team aspect.
They can be positive or negative (hopefully more positive as the season progresses.)
(I think we'll struggle a bit when it's 22 things after Round 22, so we'll stop when it gets a bit difficult)

The danger with a thread like this is that a few weeks down the track early perceptions and predictions can come back to bite you on the bum, but we'll give it a go and 'live and die' by any early comments.

I'll start with some really general thoughts...specifically on our drafting trading strategy.

1) The addition and impact of players like Martin, Williams and Saad are an indication that you don't have to go down drastic rebuilds if you target specific needs and be smart with your drafting/trading.

2) The performance of the list management team during the Silvagni years was average at best. I stress the word 'team' because Silvagni would have been relying on the opinions of others with respect to talent identification. Silvagni was very good at acquiring extra picks or better's what happened with those picks that's the issue.
It seems we found a number of 'good average' players that fitted a role and the thinking was...."OK, We've got that position covered we don't need to worry about that!" rather than looking for better options.
I'm not sure they were out just seems a lot of our positions are filled by B and C players who show a bit from time to time but never really kick it up a level.
Blah-Blah Bar / China
My old 'China plates' have been in the news a bit in the last week.

I'm not sure what they're up to, but the last few days have seen a bit of a flurry of news stories.
Either they're hacking MSN or it might be a good time to extend an olive branch....or at the very least start learning Mandarin.
If it comes to a conflict...We're no chance!



Space Race


The Weather.


Notice Board (Visitors Enter Here) / Vale Moshe Goldberg
I thought folks who've been around the Carlton forums for some time will be sad to learn that Moshe (moshe25) passed away this morning.
He spent most of his time on TC in recent times but he was a great contributor to this forum in days gone by.
As well as keeping us honest in terms of spelling and grammar ;)  he also had the ability to keep us honest in terms of our excesses when we got over-enthusiastic in praise or criticism of club, coach and players.
A knowledgeable and insightful man

GWS has written a very nice, moving tribute on pge 2 of this thread on TC.