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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: VFL 2019 Rd 11: Northern Blues vs. Footscray at Ikon
Did I write that, I thought I wrote no-win?

Fair enough.  I wasn't actually having a shot at you, but I can see how it could be interpreted.

Let's say they are NBG but they don't want t to leave, or we want to keep their old man, what would you do then?

Thry has answered that one pretty well, but vis a vis your comment about Jack wanting to leave if Dad goes I think he is Blue through and through and if he goes elsewhere it will because we push him out - and he deserves his spot on the list without question at the moment.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre-Game Thread: AFL 2019 Rd 13: Carlton vs Western Bulldogs
Goddard's problem is lack of mobility.  If he can overcome that he is ahead of Cas as a defender but Cas has him for versatility.  Whilst we have an excess of tall defenders Cas has the benefit of being able to play forward or take a spell in the ruck which puts him in good stead.  The other one in this category is Jones who has far greater mobility.

I would be inclined to trial Jones as a forward and relief ruck on his return, if that isn't working play him down back again in which case probably Cas has to go or go forward.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre-Game Pressure: AFL 2019 Rd 8: Carlton vs GWS
Reckon it’s just added insurance because we are playing late Sunday- doesn’t surprise me we are taking an extra emergency.

Will probably train or at least have a run later today so I’m sure we will hear if someone was not there.

Three sounds a bit much for simply insurance, especially as O'Brien and Garlett are similar outside types and Kennedy a mid sized player as well.  Its not like we are taking three versatile and mutually complimentary types to cover unexpected contingencies - eg Jones/Kerr/Lang as travelling emergencies would cover just abut any unexpected late withdrawal even if not that satisfactorily.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre-Game Pressure: AFL 2019 Rd 8: Carlton vs GWS
Assuming Newman comes up but Jones and Simpson do not we have missing from our backline

Simpson                Jones               Plowman
Williamson             Macreadie        Docherty

Not a bad defence on its own.  No wonder we struggle a bit.

A lot will turn on their selections.  If Cameron Mummy and Whitfield don't come up they are a very different proposition to the team that has those 3 fit and playing.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre-Game Pressure: AFL 2019 Rd 8: Carlton vs GWS
I suspect if Newman is even close to right he will have to come in and replace Plowman (injured)

I think Plowman even if not injured might be the unlucky one to go for Jones and/or Newman if either is ready.  If both come in tough call - maybe Stocker to take a step back into the 2s to work on what he has learn't in the 1s?  Doesn't deserve to be dropped but someone would have to make way and it's hard to see who else goes.

On Levi in defence I am not sure there is a matchup really for him at the Giants - their tall forwards would be too quick for him IMO.