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Women’s T20 Final

Very entertaining and just shows what can happen to the standard of a sport with 10 years+ of development behind it.  That’s why patience is required with the AFLW.

Re: Women’s T20 Final

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Yes, tough though if you don't get the crowds or the same commitment from the broadcaster.

One thing though, I've always question the desire to play the same way as the men, and I'll continue to question that. let the girls play to their own strengths and they'll star on their own terms without needing to be copy-cats.
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Re: Women’s T20 Final

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My daughter has wanted to play cricket for Australia since she was three.  Going along to cricket camps and coaching etc you see the odd Aussie player and I can confirm that the likes of Stalaeker, Strano etc are committed, really committed.  They live and breathe the game.

The best wicket keeper in the world, from a technical viewpoint,  is the girl from England.  Flawless.  Sp nothing wrong with the standard of women's cricket.  They only thing they lack are the tall express bowlers.  Anything above about 120 is fast for the women.
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Re: Women’s T20 Final

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