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The bots are particularly active at the moment, including one using what I think is bahasa Indonesia.

Apart from the annoyance factor, what are bots trying to achieve?  Is there a way to block them (I am a person test)?
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Re: Bots

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The one I replied to was using Malay, I’m not completely sure if it was a bot or not.
If you ask a bot if it’s a bot will it tell you the truth ?

Re: Bots

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Now they speak German. Mus be that time of year.
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Re: Bots

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I usually don't worry too much about them.
They're easy to pick up.
It's nearly always an old thread...and folks are pretty good with mod reports (thanks for the latest rocky)
A couple of posts within a short space of time and they're usually gone.
I just move them to the trashcan and don't even worry about the banning process.

The language thing is a new development though.