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Dodgy $50

OK, did anyone get hold of a dodgy $50?

It's interesting, all the outrage about this spelling error, but is it an accident?

I do know that in many security printing applications it's a very deliberate strategy to add controlled defects or mistakes to batches of currency or credit cards. They do it because counterfeiters will often remove those defects as part of the counterfeiting process in trying to make a perfect copy.
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Re: Dodgy $50

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I think they printed 46 million of them so I reckon we should all end up with at least one.
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Re: Dodgy $50

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Yep, I got one (mint from a collector uncirculated with an "AA" prefix) for $60 .. he had 19 of them (sequential) and sold the lot of them inside a half hour.

EDIT - Checked now and they're all over $100 :)