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Commentating your own Team

Been trying to watch some of the Big Bash today, but the commentary makes it closer to dragging some fingernails across the blackboard.

I do not get why networks think it's acceptable to allow commentators to commentate on their own clubs/teams. Today it's Mark Waugh commentating his Sydney Thunder vs Melb Stars, it's horrendous and I have to switch off. I'm not sure if that's because BBL is a bit passé, but it's not helped by Waugh who turned into broadcast Valium when the Stars were actually scoring against his team. He was so sour he made normal sour look sweet, and they want people to pay for the right to turn this crap on!

Not a word about two very ordinary LBWs, then Waugh talks up the Thunder bowlers except that two of the opposition's main batsmen weren't out by the laws of the game!

FWIW, the same applies to AFL, I just can't tolerate the guys who are unable to leave personal emotions in the shed when they commentate their own clubs. A few are bit more professional than others, McGuire is quite good when commentating Collingwood, but the bulk of them are horrendously conflicted and drag down the already ordinary quality!

These guys will be on big dollars to gee up the games and build some interest, spudding it up doesn't count or qualify as a wage earner!

So I think the rule should be no, with no exceptions!

Am I unfair?
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