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2021 AFLW Practice Matches

The season is creeping closer. We had our first full scale game today and did not play anything like our potential strongest side. We managed to win.

Carlton: Gibbs (2), Vescio, Jones, Gee, Moody

Carlton: Prespakis, Gee, Vescio, Gibbs

It would have been nice to see more newbies making a mark, but Serena Gibbs did step up and will probably play sooner rather than later. Very nice to see Darcy Vescio making a big impression.
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Re: 2021 AFLW Practice Matches

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Yeah first of 2 practice matches.

From memory, some regulars not playing (keep in mind we only have a list of 30, and 21 played).

Katie Loynes (c)
Tayla Harris
Grace Egan
Gab Pound

...and i reckon i've missed a couple too.

Best part was we found a way to score with 2 'unknowns' in Gibbs and Jones.