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Robert Heatley Stand / Are we contenders?
Whilst we are battling to secure a spot in the 8, this article in the HS caught my eye just then.

AFL 2023: Which teams fit the Champion Data premiership profile

Recent premiers have all had the same hallmarks to their game, so who has the credentials to win the 2023 premiership, and who’s dropped off a cliff? See the Core Four ladder.

Beware the unbridled Blues.
Yes, it’s real.

Key statistics from the past six weeks indicate that Carlton– unlike ladder-leader and premiership favourite Collingwood, which has fallen away – is displaying the ultimate premiership profile as the finals series looms large.

Champion Data’s Core Four formula, which evaluates a team’s performance both with and without the ball, has analysed every team’s status throughout the season, with a focus on form over the past six weeks.

Over recent years, the eventual premier has ranked in the top six teams in the competition in three of four key elements in securing the flag – work with the ball, without the ball, at clearance and post-clearance.

Champion Data considers work without the ball the top priority.

And for Carlton, which sits inside the game’s top four in all core flag criteria, the past six weeks are a clear indication that things are tracking positively for Michael Voss’s Blues in a marked difference to when alarm bells were ringing at Ikon Park earlier this year.

The chain to score percentage has been boosted by an in-form Charlie Curnow and the likes of Jack Martin skirting in front of goal, while skipper Patrick Cripps’ return to clearance beast has reached a crescendo over the past month with his clearance numbers at a season-high.

After a mid-season dip in clearance numbers, Cripps’ stoppage work has delivered just under 10 clearances per game in the past four weeks.

The only other teams to currently fulfil the ideal premiership ratio of being situated inside the game’s top six teams in three of the four categories are Brisbane, Geelong and St Kilda.

In the first six rounds, the Blues were among the worst teams in the competition for points from clearance differential, sitting 15th.

They’re now first.

Across all four categories, the Blues sit atop the game in a stark warning to rivals.

“If they were fourth (on the ladder), we’d be stamping them,” Fox Footy analyst David King said on Wednesday on Pure Footy.

“They’re going to challenge and go against history.”

Is it time to get excited?

Blah-Blah Bar / Titan Sub Debacle
This is going to turn into a crap strorm once the billionaires family get a hold of it. Sounds like it was disasster waiting to happen with many predicting it given the lack of checks and balances on this thing. How anyone can think using off the shelf items and xbox looking controllers for a sub down to 4km is a good idea is beyond me. Even sadder is the fact that the 19 year old didn't even want to go, he was only doing it for his father.
Blah-Blah Bar / Weiters scammed
Reported on Ch7 Weiters was scammed out of a significant amount of money via a fake NAB text and phone call.
Blah-Blah Bar / Harry and Megan
Has there been a more high profile bloke than Harry that's gone from champagne to crape as a result of marrying a dead set skank.
This bloke gone from being one of the most popular and loved members of the Royal Family to persona non grata.
I liked him because he was a fairly loose young fella and went against the establishment a bit.
Since he met this imbecile, its turned to cacca for him.
Ladies Lounge / AFLW CFC B&F
Congrats to Mimi Hill winning her first of many B&Fs, well deserved.

Just a question, is the medal named after anyone? If not then what about the Vivienne Kerr or Jeanne Pratt medal? Clearly we haven't had any great passed woman footballers but our club has certainly had some powerhouse woman administrators/benefactors that have helped shape our great club.
The Sports Desk / 2022 FIFA World Cup
How's me of all people starting a World Cup thread? I know SFA about the game but follow it whenever the Aussies play. From the untrained eye such as mine, our squads looks like one of the worst we have ever gone in with.
I'm sure they'll give it there all but the talent compared to other countries just isn't there. One of our best players in Rogic isn't even in the squad, something isn't right there. Would have preferred Ange as coach, Arnold comes across as a battler who is just in the same league as other coaches. We'll make up numbers and surely this will be curtains for him. Would love better than to knock off the Frogs on Wed morning, Ill be up watching.
Go the Socceroos.
The Sports Desk / Haney v Kambosos II
George was brave, Haney too classy again. Ill make a bold prediction that this young kid (23) will go down as the GOAT.
Boxer versus Fighter, boxer prevails.