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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: 2023: A review
Last post by pew2 -
just hope winning those 2 finals game doesn't cover the cracks ,we were very LUCKY this time .To take next step need to add pace speed into the team and somehow work on transition footy over summer . I DONT want to see long bombs in 24 .
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL 2023 Preliminary Final Carlton vs Brisbane Post Game Prognostications
Last post by townsendcalling -
How naive are those media people! The emotional reaction being beaten by a point compared to a team who was playing catch up by about 4 goals through the final quarter is totally different! I'm sure Adam Saad's message was fairly simple.... leave the ground with your head held high, remember where we've come from this year , don't forget today...and acknowledge the fans in the crowd.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL 2023 Preliminary Final Carlton vs Brisbane Post Game Prognostications
Last post by DJC -
I heard comments on one of the TV footy shows about how the Carlton players supposedly looked satisfied and not showing that they took the loss bad after the PF whereas the GWS were all upset and crying. I had some intel from the inner sanctum passed onto me earlier this morning, the players were absolutely shattered in the rooms after the game. They were all absolutely gassed after the game, to a man they gave everything they had and absolutely zero left in the tank. As for the fast start, apparently Vossy got them super amped and fired up pre game. He actually thought after the game he may have got them too pumped too early.

My concern at the time was that our arousal level was too high and not sustainable.  If we had jagged another goal and kept Brisbane goalless in the first quarter, the result may have been different.  Once they got their first goal, and the first of the second quarter, the writing was on the wall.  It is a credit to our blokes that they fought it out and always had a sniff.

As for looking satisfied, what planet are those commentators from?
Ladies Lounge / AFLW 2023 Rd 5: Carlton vs Sydney at Carlton
Last post by crashlander -
Carlton play Sydney today at 16:05 at Carlton.
We have 2 debutants this week.

Backs: Amelia Velardo  Vaomua Laloifi
Half-backs:  Kerryn Peterson  Harriet Cordner  Gab Pound
Centreline:  Keeley Skepper  Abbie McKay  Brooke Vickers
Half-forwards:  Mia Austin  Breann Moody  Erone Fitzpatrick
Forwards:  Darcy Vescio  Jess Dal Pos
Followers:  Jess Good  Mimi Hill  Keeley Sherar
Interchange:  Daisy Walker  Lily Goss  Dayna Finn  Ciara Fitzgerald Phoebe McWilliams

Emergencies:    Imogen Milford   Maddy Hendrie   Tay Ortlepp

INS: Daisy Walker, Dayna Finn, Ciara Fitzgerald

OUTS: Tay Ortlepp (omitted), Maddy Hendrie (managed), Marianna Anthony (injured)

NEW: Dayna Finn (debut) and Ciara Fitzgerald (Carlton debut)

We will miss Marianna Anthony, who gets more tackles than she does kicks.
I'd hope to see us play better than we did against Sydney in the practice match.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: State Elections
Last post by madbluboy -
Seems like he was corrupt within his own Party but good for the state. Had great vision for his state and was always front and centre in a crisis. Even 2 weeks ago he was still 56-44 up 2PP, greater than at the last election. Certainly polarised people but a great percentage those who said they vote Labor said it was due to Andrews. Like anything, it was the vocal minority that made the most noise.

The guy is a flog. Publicly said it's not for me to decide who my successor is then tore strips off of them for daring to challenge his apprentice. He was a great politician and great at winning elections but is Victoria better than it was a decade ago? No, not by any measure.