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Blah-Blah Bar / masks bunnings
So some airheaded female makes a scene (and dumb enough to record it on her phone) when staff told her she had to wear a mask when on their premises.

She bitches that she intended to sue the attendants for discrimination because she was a "woman".  Where do these idiot lightweights get off?  
Blah-Blah Bar / I hate hospitals
Been really ill with a painful swollen shoulder.  Got too much for me so needed an ambulance today.  Far out ... shingles.

They gave me a prescription for anti viral pills and some pain killers.  God, they're powerful

Always something that knocks you for six  :o

Blah-Blah Bar / G mail and outlook
Hopefully, there's an easy answer to this.  Have a close friend who uses gmail and just bought a W10 compatible version of Outlook (2007).

Is she "forced" to link gmail to outlook thru the add account feature?  I'm aiming to see her divorce her stuff from a new address and use both individually based upon her needs? 

I'm no idiot when it comes to PCs but this one's got me stuffed.  Thanks guys
Blah-Blah Bar / Really quiet around here
But been here long enough to feel I can say it.

It's tough times I know but I hold each and every one of you in high regard.

Hold on and my total respect, regardless of the consuming circumstances.

Capcom :)
The Sports Desk / cricket australia payments
Our contracted players seem to have a tenuous grip on reality.  All about the money, as usual.

No games, no crowds, no revenue, no flights and no (QF) sponsor.  Share the pain, might make stronger men out of you.