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Blah-Blah Bar / Re: General Discussions
Last post by ElwoodBlues1 -
Coles giving 10 days gender affirmation leave now...same company were happy to sack unvaccinated staff but find it's ok to give leave for sexual lifestyle alterations/treatments.
I must be getting old, confused and out of touch with modern society and what's important...
Ladies Lounge / Re: Two seasons in one year
Last post by DJC -
The 2022B season has been confirmed as starting on the weekend of the AFL pre-finals bye.

Ten home and away games followed by four weeks of finals.  List managers and coaches will have their skates on.

In other news, our Kez was providing special comments on the wireless last weekend and was referred to as Kerryn Peterson.  I’m not sure if she married Joel recently or has just changed her surname.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 10 2022 Pre Game Prognostications Carlton vs Sydney
Last post by DJC -
I really rate Stocker but I didn't expect him to walk straight back in.

He may not have done so if Williams hadn't done a fetlock.  With injuries and Williamson seemingly set for the wing, our medium/small defender stocks are not as flushed as they were.

Stocker's form in his first game back was patchy, and he created an opposition goal with a spoil when he should have stayed down, but his upside is significant and we need to get more games into him.  However, I think the same is true for Kemp and he misses out after finishing the game well last week.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 10 2022 Pre Game Prognostications Carlton vs Sydney
Last post by DJC -
Hard to see Kemp getting a run as a defender again if Marchbank has another good week of VFL, hopefully that kills the experiment and Kemp goes back to playing in the position that saw him rising up the draft ratings.

Kemp's rating was largely based on his versatility. He was an intercept defender who was occasionally sent forward and spent some time in the midfield.  He seems most comfortable and effective playing in defence but, if necessary, could pinch hit as a lead up forward - not that he has done well in that role in the VFL.