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Blah-Blah Bar / Re: The classic/fave car thread
Last post by Gointocarlton -
If you live in a hilly region give it a miss, there is no smooth up hill getting off the line without the Turbo400 auto.

I think the 308 was actually, usually stroked to about 323, if we could afford them dome tops but high compression made them horribly unreliable, better to start with the 350. Dome tops were a great upgrade for the 253 though. Wade cams (242a was a popular choice), Quadrajet, Ignition Developments HEI. 1.5" single exhaust systems. Subject to tuning the dyno would run 320 - 350. Had to idle them a bit high to prevent stalling with the low diff, so not the sort of car you want to frequently boil in traffic! :D

When we did all that stuff we always made a mandatory brake upgrade, otherwise there is no stopping them. We aren't talking about anything that was nibble or agile, these were a falling brick with high terminal velocity.

Great for the freeway, watching the scenery go by and the fuel gauge fall at about the same rate, but your friends and family could feel and hear them coming like distant rolling thunder. Addicted to bass!
Ive since taken in for a tune to a bloke who knows what he's doing and cut his teeth on 308s/quadrajets back in the day. Mixtures were fine, ignition timing was miles out. He reckons he reckons he could recommend a cam for me that would really make it fun to drive. He suggested a particular Brock inlet manifold to use in combo with the quadrajet and cam he is thinking about but he said good luck finding one. Anyhow, when I got home I checked under the bonnet and the serial number he gave me was on the manifold so bonus, I already have one. Given the markings on the heads suggest they are "B Cast", I'm tipping the motor was out of a HDT car of some description.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: The classic/fave car thread
Last post by LP -
Something tells me the below won't make the grade to get in this thread, no matter how many years we wait!

I think Bill Hicks summed it up best, "Piece of Sh1t!
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Carlton 2024 Predictions / Expectations
Last post by LP -
any team that has quick ball movement especially from defensive half ,over the years we have struggled ,so i hope in 24 we can prevent this from happening
Trust in H and Charlie, each and every week they stay on the park and play together things will get better.

Same applies to our smalls.

We don't want too many changes now, we don't want to be the chef who goes one step too far and bins all that was created!
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: RIP Shane McGowan
Last post by DJC -
I don’t think that Shane ever looked well, but what a contribution he made to our musical journey!

A very best of the Pogues CD is always on high rotation in Mrs DJC’s car 🙂


I should add that I have a bottle of "the Pogues triple distilled Irish Whiskey - the official whiskey of the legendary band".  I have been just a little reluctant to partake but I will raise a glass to Shane this evening.
Blah-Blah Bar / RIP Shane McGowan
Last post by dodge -
Amazing that he lasted so long, but while The Pogues had issues, what a great band!

I remember seeing someone wearing a Pogues t shirt in the late 80s.  Judging the person, I assumed Pogues were punk.

I was introduced to their music some years later (early 90s) and me and my mate laughed at how wrong I was - and how good some of their tunes are.

Dirty Old Town, Fiesta, Pari of Brown Eyes and of course (which we will hear heaps of now if it isn't cancelled) Fairy Tale of New York.

His last few years didn't look like fun - he took ownership and knew it was his fault.

He certainly had an impact on me, in my impressionable youth (early 20s!)