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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: 2024 Practice Match Carlton vs Melbourne
Now, K, old son, surely you're taking the mickey comparing Boyd to LOB? Boyd puts his body on the line (fearless), has some agro and if anything can be too zealous with his attack on opponent and aggott. I admit, I like his game and especially his attitude. Plus it must be remembered, regardless of his age, he's only played sixteen games as a senior player! A work in progress and definitely improving.

LOB did have some good games as well. He even showed a bit of agro in some. I think it was a game against the pies where he gave a solid 'don't argue' to the tackler and put him on his butt and kept on his way. His kicking was also something to behold.....when he didn't get overwhelmed by pressure.

Lods says "you're only as good as your last game." and its a saying oft told. However, there are contradictory sayings as well.
Things are never as good, or as bad, as they seem.
Which can be used for warning people off using recent form as a predictor for long term form. That is, just because you played well last game (or poorly) doesn't mean that you will play that well (or poorly) in every game.

Ultimately, i prefer to NOT use the most recent game to make judgements, but seek more data. There are exceptions though. You don't need more than 1 game to realise Eddie Betts is not a ruckman. Some players have (or don't have) certain attributes, be that physical or mental and that is evident without a form line.

I remember back in the day watching Bryce Gibbs in an U18's game. It was evident from the half a match i watched that he had 'time', poise, vision. Some things you can see straight away. In Boyds case, it was the opposite. He had none of those things. He's not the only one. Other players have made it without those attributes in the past and others will in the future....but if i were placing bets on chances of players making it without those attributes, you would always bet against them for the best odds.
Maybe Boyd is the exception. Maybe his early games were the exception.

Im not the only one that had the same conclusions.

I've got no allegiance for or against him, or pittonet, or tdk or silvagni or anyone else people accuse me of having bias for/against. My interests are always for whats best for the team, the list, and the club. At the end of the day, i don't give a stuff which players get us the 17th flag, just that we get it. If i trod on a few players feelings (and posters feelings who they are favourites of) then so be it.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: 2024 Practice Match Carlton vs Melbourne
He's not a young lad but after only 16 games at AFL level you would think he's still getting a feel for the speed and pressure.

I can't recall any of the incidents you talk about but if they occurred it probably happened because he's still getting used to the intensity.

Problem is personal bias often plays into this.
When we perceive a problem we look for it.
Hopefully it doesn't diminish the good aspects of a player and the positives they bring.

When does perception turn into bias?

When we recruited him, I didnt understand  why, but then I saw his kicking on his highlight reel, and I thought's something worth exploring.

The i saw him play and that kicking was nowhere to be seen, in fact it was flat out terrible....but so was everything else he did. He looked like a deer in headlights. Completely overawed by the situation.....and it didn't least for a for a couple of years.

He played 1 good game and credit to him, but plenty of nobodies have played 1 good game, or even 7 and still not had 'it'.

I've got nothing against the lad, I actually had a quick chat and got his autograph for my kids at auskick last year. I'm just not convinced of anything until he can do it for longer. As I said, LOB had shown more and more often at a younger age and was still deemed not up to it, difference is the position he is playing more so than how he is playing though.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: 2024 Practice Match Carlton vs Melbourne
I suspect the times when Boyd has been 'overwhelmed' co-incided with times the total defence was being overwhelmed.

The instances that i'm talking about were more 1 on 1's out on the wing, or in a pack, not last line of defence type stuff.

Like loose ball that he is getting too first. Fumbles at the pressure coming at him. Or throws it on the boot too quickly (quicker than he needed too) and kicks it out on the full or picks out the opposition 20m in the clear. Shirking contact. Passive play.
Just not up to AFL standard pressure and pace.

If he has learned to cope with that at, now, age 25. Brilliant. But as a 23yo, he hadn't managed it yet, and most people don't get the chance to 'learn' that type of stuff at that age. Look at Lochie O'Brien. We gave up on him at the age Boyd was when he started with us.

Boyd is very much a late late bloomer. Has he bloomed enough? We'll see.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pick your best 22 of 2024 - Part 2 - After the pre-season games
My team...

FB: Newman - Weitering - Cincotta
HB: McGovern - Kemp - Saad
C:  O. Hollands - Cripps - Acres
HF: Martin - Curnow - Cuningham
FF: Motlop - McKay - Fantasia
R: De Koning - Cerra - Hewitt
Int: Walsh - Cottrell - Docherty - Williams

Next in line....
E. Hollands

I maintain that 2 rucks are overkill and my preference is to go with TDK and Harry in the hope that TDK can improve on his efforts last year and swap with Harry up forward meaning we don't get too top heavy.

Fantasia gets 1st crack, but could easily be replaced by Owies or C. Durdin or Fogarty
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pick your best 22 of 2024 - Part 2 - After the pre-season games
On the other hand there will probably be a lot of younger players who'll get an opportunity to show what they have to offer at some stage through the year.
I suspect our lists will look very different come September.

I think there is a handful of 'kids' who are yet to play (or yet to play consistently) that may be forced out at years end unless they take the next step.
Mirkov, Akieu, J. Carroll, C. Durdin...
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: 2024 Practice Match Carlton vs Melbourne
Personally, I thought in the PF he was one of the few who stood up under the Lion's pressure.

To me that is a bigger tell than all the other games combined.

That was his best game for us and by some margin. But it is a one off at this stage.

Remember Nick Duigan being the finals hero against the tigers?
Next week against Sydney he was average.
He never played again.

So be careful about '1 good game'.

Go back and watch some of his efforts last year and there was a lot of under (a little bit of) pressure moments where he simply folded. There was a lot of similarities between him and LOB. The latter also had some positive moments, but they were the exception rather than the rule.

Best thing going for Boyd is that he is one of the only blokes on our list who can play on a small forward in a lockdown role. Other blokes like Saad, Docherty, Williams, even Newman are better off as attacking players rather than lock down players.

I'm happy for him to keep proving me wrong. I'm not changing my tune after 1 game and 1 pre-season game.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: 2024 Practice Match Carlton vs Melbourne
Did you watch all of the game? I was very impressed by Boyd and can now see clearly why Voss rates this kid so highly.

Can roost it 60 metres to a target lowered his eyes and spotted a leading forward 2-3 times and snagged a nice goal from a tight angle.

Has'nt even played 10 matches and some on here wrote him off after 2 games!

Thses are the games that Boyd looks a million bucks. Low pressure games.

The games that 'he lost me' was when he kept folding under pressure and his 'elite kicking' went out the window.

If he can play the same way under pressure, i've got no qualms in him getting a game.
Not many players have been able to come back from 'deer in headlights' games to genuine AFL players though, so good luck to him if he can.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: 2024 Practice Match Carlton vs Melbourne
Good debate about our ruck setup bei g had by commentators. Identifying that an average ruck is very much overrated.

Question remains what does our coaching staff value.

Tdk is the constant tease. Looks good grabbing it out of the ruck but stuffs the kick and creates a shot on goal. But if he can get it done....??

Pittonet is your meat and potatoes guy who grinds all game and adds more ruck craft and our mids benefit from that. But does he do enough around the ground??

Harry is an adequate 2nd ruck and means we 100% shouldn't play 2 others. So who do we choose?

Like last year, I suspect tdk will be first choice.
Hopefully unlike.last year he takes the next step and keeps it.....but he needs to improve his ruck craft and minimise opposition rucks influence.....clearly gawn is a bridge too far but we can't hold that against him. As long as it's not the same against the average rucks.

Pitto being injured/underdone probably makes it an easy decision early, but I don't envy the MCs job.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: 2024 Practice Match Carlton vs Melbourne
Olli Holland's is bog.
Acres not far behind.

A few of our senior blokes are as expected, Newman, Saad, docherty etc.

Fantasia is a quick thinker and quick to dispose, need more from his skill set, but with all our other small forward injuries, he probably gets a game.

Pitto isn't fit and it showed. Dont play him next week. Tdk is fit, but is getting a lesson from gawn.

Harry in the ruck is something we need more of. Gets us our 2 rucks without playing 2 rucks. Gives him something to focus on other than his kicking which is still a craps shoot.

Don't care about the result. Individual form is what I'm looking at