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Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)
The pardoning thing is a bit dicey.
Can he pardon himself...seems a bit of a grey area...and opinion seems to favor a  'no'
Could he resign tomorrow and have President Pence pardon him?
Does a pardon apply  to legal actions across the board...criminal and civil?

I think the pardoning thing has been covered by others, but i think its as much about Immunity rather than a pardon.
With immunity he can't be charged.
A pardon is generally done after charges stick.....but not always as has been pointed out.
A pardon still does imply guilt in most peoples minds, whereas immunity does less so.

Either way, i reckon trump will take anything he can just not sure if he will get offered anything.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)
I reckon the two biggest motivators for the Orange Man to remain in power were, 1) He has to win. Losing is tantamount to death, 2) Now he can't hide behind the Presidency so those lawsuits will roll in. Very real chance prison time awaits him.

But the upside for Donny is that he never did have to show those tax returns... nicely dodged. One day his supporters will realise just how much they were duped/manipulated/used.

This was brought up recently by Ed Norton on twitter using a poker analogy.

Trump is in too deep. If he walks away, there are many lawsuits ready and waiting to get him.....and get him they will.
If he holds on and continues to bluff about his own lawsuits, he might bluff everyone and 'win'.
Reality is, everyone is calling his bluff and he has no other options but to continue bluffing.

The 'logic' behind bluffing and digging in is because he is trying to gain leverage to cover his own behind.
"OK, i'll give up all the lawsuits i've have to give me immunity against all these impending lawsuits"
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: The Climate Thread
Agree..35 years ago I was studying Elec Engineering out at Swinburne and they said the same things.....Chernobyl created a lot of negatives for Nuclear though and its the go to argument for anti nukers.
Needless to say the plants that have been operating successfully and safely around the world are never mentioned...440 Reactors that produce about 10% of the worlds energy, France have really embraced the technology and generate 70% of their power this way or close to it.
Some Stats on all the different countries embracing the technology....

Coal generates about 40% of the worlds power.....and there are about 2500 plants.
10% from nuclear power and only 440 plants.

Ditch the coal plants, have nuclear plants and overall you'll have less plants as nuclear is far more efficient....and better for the environment despite the potential issues.

With Nuclear there is the potential for something to go many safe guards in place nowadays makes it unlikely. But reality is they are super safe. Chenobyl occured because they were actually forcing a meltdown and shut off some failsafes as an exercise. Oops. That was human error.....which has been fixed nowadays.

With Coal, there is not the potential for something to go wrong.....just its everyday operation is wrong. Its death by a thousand cuts. its constantly hurting the environment and its just a matter of when we go beyond breaking point (if we haven't already).

The Sports Desk / Re: Formula 1
Have technology changes made racing better?  Certainly faster and safer, but less 'natural' overtaking (need DRS - even that doesn't help on some circuits).  Wet weather racing, like footy, often brings out the best.

This is the problem. Technology has made things faster....its all about downforce to assist with speed and cornering. Improved downforce is the enemy of good overtaking.

Year after year they try to reduce downforce to assist in overtaking. However we are so far advanced than what we were decades ago, that we can never go back and need 'assists' to facilitate overtaking.
The Sports Desk / Re: Formula 1
Hamilton is fast and clean, rarely crashes. But he come across as a dumb ass with zero mechanical aptitude. Like the character Cole Trickle in Days of Thunder. Top line race car drivers "feel" the car and know what every corner is doing, what the engine and gearbox is doing. The legends I mentioned earlier could get a car home with three wheels, stuck in top gear, etc. If that happened to one of these young bozos (Ham included), they wouldnt know what to do other than throw the toys out of the cockpit and have a good cry.

I'm not Hamiltons biggest fan, but credit where credit is due. He drove his car home on 3 wheels just this year.
He managed to deal with the conditions better than anyone else, despite (for once) not having the best car. Racing point did.

There's a good example of what you are talking about in Rush. The Hunt/Lauda movie.
Niki Lauda jumps in a $hitbox car from a female companion and uses his a$$ to tell that the suspension is shot despite her insistance it just had a service.

I get it, and i agree.

But by the same token, Lauda pulled over mid-race and stopped his car because conditions were too terrible. He lost the championship by a point because of it. No mention of him being a primadonna?

What has changed?
1. Technology
2. Less bravado
3. More brains.

Talent? Debatable. It is a different talent. Modern day drivers are more managers of their cars now.
But....don't forget, the modern F1 driver are still coming through Karts and the lower formulas just like your yesteryear heroes did. They still learn to drive the same thing, the same way.
Just this week i saw a 13 (?) yo Hamilton win a karting race coming from last to first in something like 6 laps. Most of the other racers were 15 or so.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: The Climate Thread
Nuclear is the elephant in the room....
20 years ago when i was studying engineering, the lecturer was raving about how good Nuclear is and despite best intentions solar, wind etc they were nowhere near it. The major problem with it is public perception.

20 years on, nothing is changed.

We need to change the publics view on nuclear power and we can get rid of coal forever.
The Sports Desk / Re: Formula 1
Some these modern drivers make me laugh, I call them steering wheel attendants. Hamilton was heard asking his race engineer if his tyres would last to the end of the race. Senna, Schuey, Prost et al would never ask such

I get your point, and the answer is clearly no. However, if they were to ask, they would not get an answer because they wouldn't know.
The Sports Desk / Re: Formula 1
I don't get the drivers complaining about the Turkish GP's lack of track grip, it'was the same for everyone and a great spectacle to watch.

Hamilton proved he's the best, the best won on a day when the effects of the car technology was greatly diminished, even more exciting those less skill at driving but more skilled at the use of technology were exposed as frauds!

The complaining drivers come across as spoiled brats, they just want a track that allows them to go foot to the floor 90% of the time through straight or curve, skill-less boring drivel for 2hrs then collect a big pay cheque!

As usual you fail to provide a link to what you are referring too.

From what i understand is that the track was slippery even when dry as it had just been resurfaced.....and done more slippery than normal.
Add to that there is usually a lot of rubbering in of tracks before f1 cars get on there (which did not occur here) and you'll see why there is a bit of an issue.

The fact that it rained all weekend just compounded the issues 10-fold.

Why would they be complaining?
Maybe its got something to do with driving cars that go 300mph and can kill them?
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)
Relax, Dodge, I had my tongue firmly in my cheek. The most obvious reason for the rise in the Dow is the announcement by Pfizer. But this just makes a nonsense of the way Trump tried to claim the credit for every rise and disown every fall. But I’m sure he will tear out his hair (or whatever that is on his head) if the Dow keeps on rising after he exits stage left.

Its just the constant trump ribbing....its beneath you, and all of us.

Lets just pretend it was all just a dream and never utter his name again.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)
Wow! The Dow is up 1700 points since Election Day. And Trump loved to say only he could drive up the sharemarkets ...

Haven't you got something better to do?

Pointing out Trumps flaws is very low hanging fruit. Its like shooting a deer in headlights.....who is also tied up.....and tranquilised....and standing under a bright neon sign saying kill me pointing at it.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)
It reflects pretty poorly on the US population that they could be taken in by such a charlatan - not once, but twice. I still can't believe he even got 1 vote. How much of a blind eye do you need to turn to just skip over his absurdly long list of transgressions ?

You assume what we see is what they see.

The US propaganda machine is large and effective.

Looking at how many of them could be 'duped' so easy makes me look in our own backyard and wonder how we are being duped in kind.